Saturday, April 21, 2018

Web Sheldon on Spotify

If you haven't followed me on Spotify yet, here is the link:

All my releases are up there from the first single "Ranch House On A Hill" through to the latest single "IG-ID" in February this year.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fingerprints - Tracklisting

If you haven’t heard by now, my first full length album Fingerprints will be released on 7th May via Particle Zoo Recordings.

Here is the tracklisting!

  1. Your Art Is Imperfect
  2. IG-ID
  4. Activate
  5. Mantra For The Lost (Feat. Annee Patrice)
  6. All That Money Can’t Buy
  7. Responsibilities
  8. Love & War
  9. La Isla Bonita
  10. Lover Not A Fighter
  11. London Love
  12. Modern Slaves

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

MODERN SLAVES (New track online from Fingerprints album!)

Particle Zoo have put a new track up online from my forthcoming album "Fingerprints" (to be released worldwide 7th May).

Listen to the track below and read the story behind the song.

Modern Slaves 

Modern living is so deeply ingrained in our psyche, we're almost numb to the fact that we're chained to paying our rent, bills and taxes for the rest of our lives. We’re fooled into buying things we’re under the illusion we NEED, things that are designed to break after a few months so we go out again and buy another one. And we go to our jobs (which we are lucky to have!) to pay for all this, selling away time with our families in exchange for money to pay for it all.

If we manage to maintain this year in, year out, what is the price? A person who has retired after years of graft, who should be enjoying life but has a body that is quickly deteriorating from years of physical labour? A young mind crushed and disillusioned under the stresses of juggling some work hard/play hard idea they’ve been sold – and probably too tired on a daily basis to question any of it. Is this what we actually want from life?

If we keep it all up and make it through – we are the lucky ones. What happens to those who crack under the pressure? Do they lose their home…friends…families…life?

Modern Slaves (lyrics):

Life is hard
We are Modern Slaves
Chained to banks and cards
Life Is Hard

Life is hard
We’re in the gutter
We don’t see the stars
Life is hard

Oh remember back in the day
Our parents used to say ‘these are the best days of your lives’
And they weren’t far wrong
Don’t get me wrong
Adulting is more fun
But you gotta stay strong
You got to keep it together

Life is hard
We are Modern Slaves
Our nerves may be burnt, charred, scarred
But we are not in chains

We are not in chains
We are not in chains
We are not in chains

But what does that change?

Monday, March 26, 2018

IG-ID on BBC Radio 6!

Massive thanks to Tom Robinson for playing my new single IG-ID - TWICE last weekend!

Here's a clip from the first playing...

Read more about The Tom Robinson show here.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

IG-ID (Balls Deep Remix) - Stream In Full!

Here's the third remix from my new single IG-ID!

Thanks to Balls Deep for the awesome remix below!

Listen to all the track on the single with the original version and both remixes including one by Don Dayglow on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer or buy it on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or any of these links: BeatportJuno DownloadTraxsource.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Story Behind IG-ID

IG-ID (meaning Instagram-Identity) came about because of my Web Sheldon Instagram account.

Last January, I had a plan to increase my audience to 10k Followers by the end of the year and I was trying to do it in a way that represented both my music and my personality/beliefs.

At one point, I was posting 6 pictures a day so it took up a lot of time to come up with the content to sustain that.

The posts ranged from taking pictures of my everyday life, song lyrics or music videos (usually my own), selfies, or reposts from other accounts which were usually funny memes, inspirational quotes or something supporting my political/spiritual beliefs.  I was searching for pictures to take/repost so often that it started to make me think about whether I was still being representative of who I *actually* was on my Instagram account or whether it was who I *wanted* to be.

When I listen to a musician, I want to feel like I really know and understand them – I want to feel that connection.  For that reason, it’s really important for me to stay authentic on my Instagram account.

We can’t feel 100% every day – that is a given.  Sometimes when I was feeling down, I would post some inspirational quote to try and elevate my mood (and hopefully encourage others feeling the same). This created a conflict and made me question if I was still being me... “losing fingerprints, erase/redefine, justify your spin on your sound life”. And for anyone else looking at my account – was it even helpful?  If they felt down, did seeing someone else post something inspirational make them feel better and give them hope or did it just make them feel worse because they could see everyone else posting super-positive messages when inside they still felt like shit.

This made me think of the idea for the song IG-ID of there being a kind of split personality between someone’s real self and their online self and to analyse what the gap was for me and my own social media accounts.

Take a listen to the song here:

IG-ID is released via Particle Zoo Recordings.

And if you'd like to buy or stream it further, you can go to Apple Music, Amazon, BeatportJuno DownloadTraxsource or Spotify.