Tuesday, April 17, 2018

MODERN SLAVES (New track online from Fingerprints album!)

Particle Zoo have put a new track up online from my forthcoming album "Fingerprints" (to be released worldwide 7th May).

Listen to the track below and read the story behind the song.

Modern Slaves 

Modern living is so deeply ingrained in our psyche, we're almost numb to the fact that we're chained to paying our rent, bills and taxes for the rest of our lives. We’re fooled into buying things we’re under the illusion we NEED, things that are designed to break after a few months so we go out again and buy another one. And we go to our jobs (which we are lucky to have!) to pay for all this, selling away time with our families in exchange for money to pay for it all.

If we manage to maintain this year in, year out, what is the price? A person who has retired after years of graft, who should be enjoying life but has a body that is quickly deteriorating from years of physical labour? A young mind crushed and disillusioned under the stresses of juggling some work hard/play hard idea they’ve been sold – and probably too tired on a daily basis to question any of it. Is this what we actually want from life?

If we keep it all up and make it through – we are the lucky ones. What happens to those who crack under the pressure? Do they lose their home…friends…families…life?

Modern Slaves (lyrics):

Life is hard
We are Modern Slaves
Chained to banks and cards
Life Is Hard

Life is hard
We’re in the gutter
We don’t see the stars
Life is hard

Oh remember back in the day
Our parents used to say ‘these are the best days of your lives’
And they weren’t far wrong
Don’t get me wrong
Adulting is more fun
But you gotta stay strong
You got to keep it together

Life is hard
We are Modern Slaves
Our nerves may be burnt, charred, scarred
But we are not in chains

We are not in chains
We are not in chains
We are not in chains

But what does that change?

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