Sunday, May 30, 2010


My parent's bought me my first kitten when I was 12, I called her Whisky.

She died on Friday night...I've been crying at intervals since...and some words and things just came out of me... I think I have a recording to upload too...

Link to MP3: Whisky

You were here
16 years
Even now
You're still my little girl

I grew from a child
To a man with you
Our love never changed
Truley unconditional

I'm so sorry
I wasn't there
When you closed your eyes
For the last time

So when I close my eyes tonight
Maybe you can come around for a while
We'll lay on the ground, you can sleep for one last time
And we can say goodbye

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Bilamie

I've been playing around with a guitar part for the last couple of weeks, a part that was inspired by the songs that Beth and I have written together... Today, I put some lyrics to it... In case you don't know, when we play music together, our duo is called Bilamie :-)

"Sweet Bilamie"

I got a little friend who I love
With talents sent high from up above
When her fingers stroke her strings
I feel so much love I have to sing
So please, please, please
Lets make some sweet
Music together

Sweet harmonising beautifully
We'll be bathing in utopian ecstasy
The vibes push us high
That's when our spirits shine bright
So please, please, please
Lets make some sweet
Music together

When another man walks out
When a girl fucks you about
There's another world where love is free
Bilamie, Sweet Bilamie

When the day drags dull and long
When there's a voice screamin' 'your life is wrong!'
There's another world where love is free
Bilamie, Sweet Bilamie

Songs Brewing and Ableton Ordered

After a little break from music after the Stars of Our Bars weeks, I'm back on track now and writing some new material... since I haven't bought the mega expensive software yet, I cannot record, so instead I am writing on guitar again in the mean time - which is nice! Guitar is good for summer... I also have a couple of covers lined up - one to choose for Eduardo in Brazil which I promised aaaaages ago and one for Beko in Turkey.

*** 5 minutes later ***

Ok so I decided to bite the bullet and buy Ableton Suite 8 (€700!) - it was very hard to click on the BUY button.... hahaha but in 2 weeks I will own it so no more trying to work with cracked software that keeps crashing and breaking (well, I hope not anyway!!).

Bad News...

Awww... I had some gutting news over the weekend... My long term plan after Ireland was to move to Brighton and once there, I was looking forward to working with my musician friend Beth and making sweet music together and playing gigs... We have a duo together that we call Bilamie - we've only written a couple of songs so far but I've totally loved every minute of it... She's such a wonderful person to work with musically - vibrant, intuitive, experimental, and so encouraging... Circumstances recently have changed for Beth though so she is having to move back up to the North of England which means she won't be there when I move to Brighton.  But it's not the end of the world - we can still work together in future and it will at least be easier when we're in the same country... :-)

I was still going to do my own solo stuff even if Bilamie worked out so I won't be looking for another partner to work with - the idea was just that I wanted to work with Beth because she's such a talented musician and we have a similar outlook on music, life and love... So it's not terrible news, it's just a change of plan :)