Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine (Web Sheldon Remix)

I have loads to say on here but this week is CRAZY! So for now, here's a musical interlude of a remix I just finished of the Alt-J song 'Hunger Of The Pine'.

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Alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine (Web Sheldon Remix) by Websheldon on Mixcloud

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Follow Me" from Nelue's Album Launch

Here's a video of Nelue's song 'Follow Me' from the night of his album launch gig in Madrid (19th Sept).

Nelue - Follow Me (feat. Web Sheldon) (Live at Moroder Sound Club, Madrid)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Bilamie Gig: Sat 13th December

New Bilamie gig!

Saturday 13th December @ The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London.  Now at Underbelly Hoxton.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Priveyt Photography

My mate Priveyt has recently moved to London - he's going to be guest rapping on the new Bilamie album and he's an excellent photographer as well.

If you're looking for a photographer, here's his website

Nelue's Album Launch - A Weekend in Madrid!

So it's Monday afternoon now after having spent the weekend in Madrid for Nelue's album launch.

It was a perfect weekend to go - the weather is slightly cooler now (I CANNOT handle HEAT!) and most of the weekend we spent in a town on the outskirts of Madrid in a town called Majadahonda and it was the weekend of the FIESTAS in the town.  This means there were BBQ's in the streets, loads of people, a bull arena (I watched them running into the arena but abstained from the fighting) and basically just lots of partying, drinking and eating.

    (Bull arena in Majadahonda)

There was a giant fairground too with this ride called El Tren de la Bruja which is kind of a kids ride and you are sat in carriage going in a circle (half inside darkness and half outside) and there's people dressed as witches (or other monsters) running around scaring you, hitting you with a broom, jumping on the carriage... I would have LOVED that as a child!

I arrived on the Thursday and decided with my basic Spanish and a bit of preparation on Google to find my own way from the airport to the gig venue where we were due to rehearse.  I went to a local bar on the way and had a Caña (its like a VERY small beer!) but it was served in a glass fresh from the freezer.  I met Fernando (Nelue) and the band at Moroder Sound Cloub and we pretty much played through the songs like we'd been practicing together for ages! So that was awesome!

Afterwards I went to a friend's house nearby to have a very late siesta (I'd gotten up quite early to drive to the airport) and then wake up to drink lots of beer, eat pizza with Serrano ham on top (hehe) and talk about the power of positive thinking! lol

Caña con Tapa

The day of the gig!  We went to the fiestas in the day time, I ate a GIGANTIC sandwich/bocadillo of Black Pudding (Morcilla).  You can't see but there's also a sandwich to the right with Pancetta - which is a bit like bacon but thicker with lots of (tasty) FAT!  And crispy too! Mmmmm....

Sorry for any veggies reading this! I'll stop with the meat thing now.  It IS Spain though! ;-)

The gig went very well! Lots of people turned up, there was a *brilliant* vibe there.  Lots of people dancing, shouting, enjoying the music, taking photos/videos and then a pretty cool DJ to finish off with in the middle hours of the morning! I played a set to begin with using my APC Controller for the first time - it's like a machine that controls the laptop.

I played 3 new songs; P's & Q's, Purple Steeple and a new one called 20c.  The studio version of this one isn't finished yet but I have a sneaky video preview from Facebook at the bottom of this post.

There was also wonderful artist singing the female songs of Nelue's on the night Yoio Cuesta - La Voz.  She had so much energy dancing on stage and was an inspiration to watch!

Nelue's set went very well and hopefully we'll have some more photos and videos from the night to come soon!

In the mean time, here's some photos of the night on Facebook

And a video of the Nelue's band and me performing his album track "Follow Me'.

We didn't wake up till VERY late on Saturday.  But celebrated finally waking by having Broken Eggs with Jamon - its like boiled potatoes with ham and loads egg yolk! And then on Sunday it was back to London!

A great weekend! Nelue's been an absolute pleasure to work with - I feel honoured to be working with such a talent!

And the next gig I play with Nelue is in Bilbao on the 1st November!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Song: P's & Q's (free download)

It's about a year since I played a solo gig so I decided to celebrate at this Friday's gig by playing three new songs at it - here's the second of the three!

It's called P's & Q's and it's following my apparent theme of recent times to write songs with positive lyrics :)

Click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right to see the video with accompanying lyrics :)

Click the download button in the top right corner to download this track.


I’m talking faith
Not in a God
But if that helps you through the day
Then that’s all fine with me

I’m talking strength
Not like an army
But I understand the need to
Protect your family

I’m talking fear
D'you wanna feel it
Do you want to conquer another
Inhibitor thats crushing your insides?

I’m talking truth
And I mean to you
The best lies you’ll find inside
No they’re never ever seen or heard
Every time you fail
You’ll get back up
Grounded, focused because the best roads are rough

I’m talking love
I’m talkin’ for yourself
You’ll never love another
Until you have sorted that out

I’m talking thanks
Not your P’s & Q’s
But realising what you are
And you’re so lucky to have

I’m talking to you

I’m talking about waking up at ten past 6 in the morning
I’m talking ‘bout walking in the park, breath the fresh air the dawn brings
I’m talkin’ bout failin’ and it’s fine, knowing every time you’ll get back up
I’m talkin’ ‘bout stayin’ grounded, focused, because the best roads are rough 

Every time you fail
You’ll get back up
Grounded, focused because the best roads are rough

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nelue - As Good As True (Feat. Web Sheldon)

Nelue uploaded the first track we collaborated on to his Soundcloud today - here it is for streaming joys :)

Lyrics are below too...

Smoker in the corner
With a Gin, lemon, tonic
And a notepad

Careless to the watchers
Acknowledges the waitress
And the door staff

And he don't seem to care
That he's sitting alone
To his left, to his right
Couples playing with their phones

Then the lights gently dim
And a girl in the box
Turns the music up

They come to escape their life
They come to jump in the dive, and
They come to feel strings unwind
They come to make the narrow wider

They come to forget their work
They come to check what they heard, and
They come to bring life there too
Acting is As Good As True

Couple at a table
Being too comfortably able
To exist there
Eyes judging others
Like they know them
From the smack of their hard stare

And they don't seem to care
If they're rude or they're heard
Mask the gaps in the night
With a slurry of words

Then the lights, strobes of green
On a man in the box
Turns the music up

They come to escape their life...

What role do you play?
Is it that part in the bar?
And what d'you do with your face?
Smile for the final cut to the shot
Of the guy in restraints
Do it like a pro-trained desert soldier
Or pack your bags and abstain

Are you in it for the show?
Are you in it for the playing?
Are you in it for the staying?

You know you can be
Anybody, anybody, anybody, anybody (x8)

They come to escape their life...

Bilamie - Friendly Fire (YouTube Video with lyrics!)

My electro duo Bilamie released the first full length song preview from our new album today, the song's called Friendly Fire and here's a lil vid with the lyrics too!

Unfortunately, the video link to imbed the video from YouTube isn't working at the moment, so here is the link instead:


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A new song from Bilamie - Friendly Fire

Some news from Bilamie - we've released a song from the album to make available for streaming.

It's kinda Drum & Bass / Alt Pop with guitars!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Facebook Event for Nelue's Album Launch - 19th Sept in Madrid

There's a Facebook event now for Nelue's album launch in Madrid on Friday 19th September.

I'll be joining him on stage to sing a couple of songs we've worked on together and singing vocals for a few others too :)

Click the link below to view & join the Facebook event.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blogarama - The Blog Directory

I joined Blogarama today - it's a database of all sorts of different blogs from across the interwebz!

Blogorama - The Blog Directory