Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Storm

MAN! Has it been an eventful and turbulent few couple of months!

I've been studying the Audio Mixing course whilst working the 3 month notice period in my IT job.  Also in that time, we've also played the first Bilamie gig (my electro duo) and finished off recording the album, I had my bag stolen complete with my music laptop and *many* other indispensable items and then last weekend I moved house too!

Luckily my musical soul sister Beth had another copy of the Bilamie album so we are still on target for a release date sometime in Autumn time :D  Unfortunately though, all of my solo work from the last year has been lost. No time to cry though! I got a replacement laptop last week and am well underway on recording a new song. It's over a year since I posted any new music up so I can't wait now to get something out there!

There's just a couple of weeks left before I leave my IT job and I can really concentrate on music, so I'm counting down the days now!