Sunday, November 30, 2014

DJ-ing @ Twisted Winter Carnival

Twisted Winter Carnival

I'm going to be DJing at Twisted Winter Carnival on Saturday 6th December.

£3 Entry or free to LGBTQ Social Members!
Goldsmith's Student Union, Dixon Road, New Cross, London.

Here's the Facebook event too!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

What's Next?

I've been working as an IT Consultant for the last 8 years but I took the last 6 months off to concentrate on finishing the Bilamie album, work on my Mixing & Mastering courses and generally try to get a foot hold on the music scene in London.

The Bilamie album is teetering on the edge of being finished but there's no particular date in site yet due to a few issues we need to iron out.  My courses at Point Blank went really well, I had 2 dedicated teachers and I made some great contacts who I have been collaborating with (BeatM4n and Gutto Serta) and it was generally a good experience to get thrown into deep into a musical environment. I definitely feel like I've made a start on the music scene in London as well - I've gotten to know a few bands, promoters and venues.

Soooo... now I need to top up the funding for my musical projects (and general living lol) I toyed with the idea of trying to find a job related to the music industry but many entry level ones were voluntary and/or very long hours and then I wouldn't have the time or energy to work on Bilamie and Web Sheldon. So I've decided to head back into IT Consulting for a few months, save some pennies and then take a few months off IT work again in Spring next year and head back into music 100% afterwards. This might be a reoccurring theme going forward lol.

So what is on the cards for next year?!

  • Bilamie
    • The album
    • A single + video
    • Many gigs (hopefully inc. festivals!)
    • We have started to gather a bit of merchandise too; Bilamie bottle openers and badges so far!

  • Web Sheldon
    • A record label are interested in releasing one of my songs as a single - I can't say much about that yet though.
    • 4 new songs have sprung out of the ether in the last week so I've decided to knock those into shape and release my first EP! I've never had a proper solo release before, (can I just repeat that...NEVER!!) now is the time!
    • Solo gigs and open mics!
    • More collaborations!
    • More remixes!

So yeah... I better go and find a job.

And a house too.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Festive Gig Booked!

Booked a festive solo gig today at Winterville in Victoria Park!

I say 'gig', but it's not a gig in the usual sense... I'll be playing unplugged on the opening night there on 2nd December and possibly some more dates during the festive season! There'll be a mixture of original songs, covers aaaaand possibly some festive numbers too.  Cos I love Christmas.  And I'm not ashamed of that.  So there.


Will post more details as soon as I find out more!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Acoustic Sessions @ Nambucca - Thursday 20th November

Bilamie's next gig is tomorrow at Nambucca as part of an 'Acoustic Sessions' evening... although we'll be playing a normal set of material.

Thanks to Ace Motel Promotions for booking us!

Here's the Facebook Event for tomorrow night and below a quick preview of the other artists playing.

Camilla Martins
A beautiful voice from this London based Singer songwriter.
FacebookTwitter / YouTube / Instagram

Ron Bousso
Folk/Country/Blues from this London based acoustic singer songwriter.  I hear a bit Nick Drake in some of his melodies too, or maybe thats just me :)
Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / YouTube

Here's a clip of his latest song posted on Soundcloud.

Tom Livingstone
22 year old Singer songwriter from North London.
Here's my favourite track from Tom's Soundcloud page.

Lewis Olden
Animated vocals and entertaining lyrics from this East London Singer/Songwriter of rock 'n' roll, described as 'Musician and artist living in the 21st century'.  I like the attitude this guy comes across with in his music.
Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

And last but not least, here's my duo Bilamie. Electronic beats, slicing synths, beautiful harmonies and a little something move your feet to!
Official WebsiteFacebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Soundcloud

I've posted all our songs on here that are available prior to our album coming out, so in the mean time, here's my remix of our album track 'Deeper Interaction'.

Aaaaaand another artist added to the night is:

Alistair Sheerin
This guy has some seriously catchy tunes! And I'm not just saying that cos he's a northern lad like me! lol
"Style, swagger and a rock n’ roll attitude against the smog engulfed, urban decay of Middlesbrough, Alistair Sheerin is leading the escape from the mediocre to the Promised Land."
Official website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Instagram

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Collaboration: Hipnotic Jazz and Web Sheldon - 'Fleeting Moments'

Here's a new track called 'Fleeting Moments' I've been working on with Hipnotic Jazz :D

And for good measure here's another one of his collaborations, this time with MC Stretch and Roland Clark.

Website Update

It's been over a whole English year now since I first set my website free on the world of the I thought it was time to make a few changes...

  • A section called 'Feeds' with Twitter and Instagram feeds (as well as the existing Facebook ones!)
  • A new section on the Music page with my latest remixes
  • A shiny new front page
  • I've removed my older videos of acoustic cover songs although those are all still up on my YouTube page (and you can access them from the link at the top of this blog as well!)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Future Bilamie Gigs

Here's a list of my band's gigs coming up in the next few months!  To get a notification whenever we book a new gig, you can subscribe to our Gig list notifications below :)

Bilamie Gigs

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Videos from Bilamie and La Tomatique @ Bar Wotever (4th Nov)

My band Bilamie had a wonderful evening on Tuesday night at Royal Vauxhall Tavern!

We did have half a palpitation each when we arrived and all the shutters were down...until we realised the bar hadn't opened yet so we had to sneak in the side entrance for the sound check.  We had 2 x sound engineers looking after us, although one was technically a stage manager helping us with our wires/instruments and assisting the sound guy.  It was all very well organised though, which is great at a gig because it means you can actually relax and enjoy the evening.

One thing to note at Bar Wotever (I haven't been to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern myself on other nights there so I can't speak for those), but there was great sense of humour and atmosphere thanks to the organisers and speakers on the night such as Ingo and Maria.

We were the first act up.  There was a good number of people there and a great atmosphere in the crowd too... We had a wander around the crowd afterwards with our mailing list, having a chat with people. When you get a such a nice response like on that night - thats what really makes it all come together. Here's a video of our song Lonely Hearts from the night.

The final act of the night was the debut performance by La Tomatique - wonderfully entertaining and a perfect way to round off the evening.  Here's a clip from their show.

Looking forward to the next time there! :D

Join the Bilamie Mailing List

My band Bilamie have played a few gigs now around London and we're starting to build up a mailing list to let you know our about any new releases that we have and future gigs.

Here's the form if you'd like to sign up.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bilamie Gig - Change of Venue (20th Nov)

The next Bilamie gig on Thursday 20th November is now at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road, London, N7 6LB (It was previous scheduled to be at The Beatrice in Camden).

Nambucca, Holloway Road, London.

See you there!