Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Electro Duo "Bilamie" / Music College / Remixing

It's been a while since the last update... but there's been lots happening!

In September last year, myself and an old friend (Beth Swain / Mucky Cherub) started working together and formed an electro duo called Bilamie.  We've been working hard ever since; writing and recording our first album.  This weekend we'll record the 7th and 8th tracks - so it's well on the way now. We're still developing our initial sound as our first batch of songs progress and we mix the album but we hope to have the album complete by the end of Summer.

We also have our first gig booked on Tuesday 29th April at The Bedford in Balham (London).

In addition to Bilamie, I've started making remixes, which I'll post to Soundcloud when I've finished. If anyone is interested in doing a remix swap or would like me to remix a track of theirs, give me a shout!

I've been working with the artist Spanish DJ/Producer Nelue on vocal parts for a couple of songs as he prepares for his latest album - and I'll be recording a new YouTube cover video soon - with full backing arrangement this time :D  Here's a YouTube video of one of Nelue's older songs:

I booked myself on to a course at Point Blank Music College in London called "Art of Mixing & Mastering" award and that will be starting next month.

I'm also taking a few months away from my regular job (as an SAP Consultant) this Summer to concentrate on my musical adventures :D