Friday, January 30, 2015

Music Preview - Line Up @ Dublin Castle, Weds 4th Feb

My next gig is at Dublin Castle on Weds 4th February and I will be playing the same stage as the wonderfully atmospheric Desert Sound Colony, Luton based Rock/R&B/Reggae group Harripaul and the 4 piece indie rock band from Chelmsford The Takes.

There could be a number of Facebook events for this night, but here is one of them:

Doors 7:45pm.
Entry is £6 or £4.50 with this flyer

I had an idea this week that at each gig going forward, I'm going to try and play a cover song from an artist whose birthday it is... February is all planned so far and for Dublin Castle, I'll be playing a chill out/trip hop version of Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn'. Woo!

So here's a preview of the music from the artists that will be playing on the night!

Click here to listen to Harripaul and visit their Reverbnation page.

And here's a live video from my gig last week at The Good Ship in Kilburn.  This song will be on my new EP coming out soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gig Review - The Library, 28th Jan

Artists played:
Rebecca Vaughan + Mark Noble + Dan Dodson + Web Sheldon + Tim Holehouse + Dusty Awe

Man, I do NOT like January! It's such a cold DARK month! And DRY January is even worse. Although surprisingly easy to fulfil, when I'm not sat in pubs, that is.  This night certainly warmed me up though with a friendly crowd and a great bunch of musicians.

3 days to go before 'Wet February' now.

This is only the second time I've been down to this particular night, hosted by Up All Night Music, but the bar is always packed with people, especially before 10.  I know a lot of musicians prefer to have a smaller attentive crowd rather than a large noisy one - but I would take the latter any day.  We're here to play our music to people, so the more the merrier in my eyes :D Plus, as a performer, it gives you the challenge of trying to get people to listen to you instead of talking. This venue is perfect for that, lots of people in an intimate setting.

Rebecca Vaughan

The first act on was Rebecca Vaughan.  I'd listened to her music before the gig and had a good impression of her beforehand - strong but delicate voice, interesting image (love the photo on the left!) and a good selection of recordings on her Soundcloud.

I was chatting to a girl in the audience later in the night and she mentioned how Rebecca managed the right balance of talking to the crowd vs time playing music, mixed in a few stories and managed to get her personality across too. Agreed! I loved the story about 'being the best wingwoman' that accompanied her song 'Go Get Her'; that got a few laughs in the audience.

Rebecca Vaughan @ The Library, Islington. 28th Jan 2015.
Rebecca will be playing at Indigo at The O2 on Thursday 19th February as she is a finalist in part of The Big Music Project Competition.

You can book free tickets for this event here.

Mark Noble

Next up was the effervescent Mark Noble! I didn't get chance to chat with Mark during the night which was a shame because he was from Ireland and I could have had the 'I USED TO LIVE IN ATHLOWWWWWWNE' conversation. I met a girl at a gig I was DJing at before Christmas and she was from Ballinasloe, these things seem very random at the time. Mark came across well as an entertainer and was a good laugh on stage, and off-stage as well when he brought the mic stand down into the audience for the last track.

Mark Noble @ The Library, Islington.
Mark Noble @ The Library, Islington.
The highlight for me was the unexpected cover of Britney Spears' 'Baby One More Time' with the audience singing along like we were Britney's/Mark's backing vocals. You can check out Mark's Soundcloud page here.

Dan Dodson

I saw a description of Dan online describing some of his musical influences as Oasis and The Beatles. Despite the set tonight being acoustic, the rock 'n roll element did shine through; from songs about being young and living life to the full through to songs about gritty modern life.  Dan was joined on stage later by his friend, singer writer Dan Elbaz.

He's currently writing and recording an album; I know the last track he played was from his album and is called 'For Those Who Know' and there's going to be lush string arrangements on there according to inside sources*!  *Dan Dodson ahem.

Dan Dodson @ The Library, Islington. 28th Jan 2015.
Dan Dodson + Dan Elbaz @ The Library, Islington. 28th Jan 2015.

Web Sheldon

Next up was MEEE! Hard to say much about myself but if you liked my music, head over to my Facebook Fan Page - I am trying to get 1,000 Likes by the end of the year...the current number is 254. Do it now! :-p

Web Sheldon, live @ a cafe, erm next to lamp.
I was taking a break from my Electronic music last night to play acoustic and so I decided to throw the concept of continuity and 'theme' out of the window by playing songs simply because I enjoyed playing them, inc. a mixture of covers from Joni Mitchell to The Fugees and a few of my own songs as well.

Here's my set list from last night:
WEARENOW (acoustic version of a song from my new EP)
Dressed To Undress (a punky acoustic version of a song I used to play in my old band Mothership)
If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
Twisted (Joni Mitchell)
Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Sara Montiel)
Ready Or Not (The Fugees)

As I can't post any photos of me from last night (not without one of those selfie sticks!), here's a song from my new EP (played live at The Good Ship on 22nd Jan).

Next gig: Weds 4th February @ Dublin Castle, Camden.

Tim Holehouse

Tim Holehouse @ The Library, Islington. 28th Jan 2015.
First of all, let me say FELLOW BEARD BUDDY!

Ok, now that is out of the way, one of the highlights of the evening for me was watching Tim sing his song Broken Bones a capella with the crowd stomping and clapping all the way through.

Very original music, great voice. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

And incidentally, Tim is playing in my home town Sheffield on my BIRTHDAY! That's 20th Feb at Shakespeare Pub.

More gigs here.

Here's the official video for his song Broken Bones.

Dusty Awe

The last act of the night was an extended 30 minute set from Danish antifolk artist Dusty Awe.

Dusty Awe live @ The Library, Islington. 28th Jan 2015.
Dusty had a tough job playing at the end of the night where the atmosphere was more than a little merry but he did a good job, explaining a little about Danish culture in between (where talking about Angst and Depression is kind of taboo) and also offering free hugs at the end of the set.

Sadly I forgot to collect my free hug!

His vocals reminded me of Bright Eyes and his melodies a little of Idlewild.

Here's the video for his song Angst.

The Up All Night Music events at The Library will be finishing soon with the last one to be held on Weds 18th February.  It's been going for 4 years now! Fingers crossed that Alex and Donal move to another venue soon!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 23, 2015

NEW SONG! Video from the The Good Ship Gig

I played a few songs from my upcoming EP last night at The Good Ship gig.

Here's one of them - 'Wolves 'n The Viiibes'.

The Library, Weds 28th Jan (Artist Playlist Preview)

My next gig is at The Library on Weds 28th Jan. Free entry!

There's a couple of Facebook events for the night too:

Here's a preview of music from the artists playing on the night!

Dai Herbs is playing as well but I can't find him on Soundcloud so here is a video from YouTube.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Covering Sezen Aksu's 'Unnutun Mu Beni'

Tomorrow at The Good Ship gig in Kilburn, I'll be previewing songs from my new EP and I'll also be covering this beautiful song by Sezen Aksu.

Here's the Facebook Event

See you tomorrow night!

Monday, January 19, 2015

One Last Look Back

Sooo The Good Ship gig is this week!  The first Web Sheldon gig of the year.  A year that I am determined is going to be the best year of my musical life so far!

It feels strange when I think that this was meant to be a Bilamie gig, one that we were massively looking forward to as well.  All those plans, all that hope, all that magic...

We did have a lot of hope for Bilamie.  We had a lot of energy but sadly we didn't use that energy for own benefit.

But now, I take the pieces of that hope and I re-build them into a firmer foundation, I learn some lessons, and I bounce back stronger than ever.

No 'crying over spilt milk'.  Life is too short.

So... onwards with 2015.

Let's GO!!!


Monday, January 12, 2015

New Collaborations

Last week was an interesting week!

My band broke up...which meant a massive shift in priority from working on Bilamie plans to moving 100% on to my solo work - which means there is now a lot to do to feel I'm at the same position as what we were at with Bilamie.  I'd started my solo plan just a few weeks before Bilamie first got together back in August 2013 so it was a tough decision at the time, whether to drop everything and start the band. Everything is a learning experience though and we made a great album and had some biiig laughs along the way.  But now, that's the plan from now onwards - Web Sheldon! Yeahhhhhh!

On the none-music side, I'm currently looking for a contracting job for my IT work (PR campaigns and CD pressing will need funding and looking for a new place to live as I'm keeping myself busy as always.

I have a new promo pic for the next few months until the EP promo starts and some shiny new flyers/business cards to match.  Thanks to Alex Machon for the art work! :)

In other news, I'm working on a new song with Hipnotic Jazz, Sycho Gast, Gramafonia and M.O.N.G.R.E.L - there's going to be singing, rapping and amazing production and from what I've heard so far, it's going to be immense. Very excited about this.

It looks like my main man Priveyt might be having a guest spot on my new EP.  He featured on a Bilamie song called Dead & Walking (which was planned to be a single before the band got divorced!) and he did a stellar job!

So in terms of the EP, I have 2 songs now finished; these are called Wolves 'n The Viiibes and Purple Steeple (recorded earlier in the year and re-mastered for the EP). This week, I'm working on the next 2 tracks! The general theme for the EP is about positive thinking; taking a long hard look at ourselves and taking responsibility for our own lives.

Before I go, check out the new song from Priveyt, gives me shivers in my bonnnnnes!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Preview Music from Artists playing at The Good Ship - 22nd Jan

Thursday 22nd January @ The Good Ship.
Doors 7pm.
Tickets £5.

Line Up: Of Embla, Actionism, Web Sheldon, Lily McKenzie and Lucy Mac.

Facebook Event
Buy tickets

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gig Booked: The Good Ship (Kilburn) on Thurs 22nd January

I'm thrilled to announce I'll be playing at the fantastic venue The Good Ship, in Kilburn on Thurs 22nd January!

First of all, here's some links:

Facebook Event.
Buy advance tickets.
Map showing (Google says its 5 mins but I always walk quicker than Google...hmm maybe I need to chill..!)

Aaaaand secondly, here's the line up in its full glory..

"Retro futuristic pop music (formerly known as The Machine)."
Loving the energy of these guys! They also have an EP out as well here.

SoundcloudFacebook / YouTube / Bandcamp

Lucy Mac
"Up and coming Singer-songwriter from Kent known for her catchy melodies and everyday lyrics on life and love."
I enjoyed listening to this track below, its poppy, catchy and effortless - the lyrics make you feel like you're having a conversation with her.  Nice touch.

Soundcloud / Twitter

Web Sheldon
Since you're reading this, you might know me already! But if not...
"London Electronic Artist & Producer - Harmonising on the Lust For Life."

Official Website / Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Of Embla
"Inspired by Scandinavian folk and jazz, creating an alternative reality through entrancing stories."
I'm very excited to see Of Embla.  I'm a massive jazz fan and her music combines jazz and folk with a modern twist. I found it hard to choose one song to post, but here's my favourite...

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

Lily McKenzie
"Singer-songwriter, pianist and producer who has featured on records with artists such as Falty DL, Wiley and Breakage - performing tracks from her first solo Electronic Soul EP 'Support Machine'."
Her voice matches perfectly with this kind of electronic music, amazing production as well. Can't wait to see her perform on the night. Check out the debut EP here.

Official Website / Soundcloud /  Facebook / Twitter

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Farewell to Bilamie

Sad news as of yesterday... Beth and I have decided not to continue with Bilamie any longer.

We want to thank everyone who has come to our gigs and supported us over the last year.

On the plus side - we finished our album and will release it digitally at some point in the future :)

We had a couple of gigs booked; the first was at The Good Ship in Kilburn on 22nd January and the other gig was at Dublin Castle in Camden on 4th February - I will be replacing Bilamie with a solo set at these gigs.

I've added links to our solo/personal websites below :)

MuckyCherub / Web Sheldon