Friday, August 12, 2016

NEW REMIX OUT! Hipnotic Jazz X The Gentleman's Irish - Hell's Fire (Web Sheldon Remix)


This is a remix I did for Hipnotic Jazz and The Gentleman's Irish.

I LOVED the original track as soon as I heard it - the lyrics really spoke to me and the production was a new side of Hipnotic Jazz that I was really feeling. The longest time it took me to make a remix for someone was a month, this one was done in 2 days because that's all I had free and I think it's my favourite remix so far ;-)

I also mastered it myself at BonaFideStudios where I'm working as Trainee at the moment. If you're interested in getting a track mastered, you can contact and it's £20 per track!

For Remix enquiries, send a message to:

You can hear/buy the original song here:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Unfollow The Leader (Acoustic Version - Live at The Church, Muswell Hill)

Just realised I hadn't posted this yet!

It's a song that I wrote with Hipnotic Jazz last year and the original version is on his album "Infinitely Inconsistent"

This is the live acoustic version...