Sunday, April 29, 2012

Famous Blue Raincoat (covering Leonard Cohen)

Covering Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat"

It's been a difficult few months since I left Athlone back in September last year... I moved to London into a job I wasn't suited to and into a shared house that I couldn't make into a home and then had a lot of money stolen from me there... So you live, and you learn.  But I got some good songs written from the experience, some of which I'll be going into a studio to record later in the year :-)

I've started a new contract job in Manchester for a few months, I've got my own own apartment living in the city centre (2 mins walk from Piccadilly station :-D  ) and I finally feel settled for the first time since I was in Athlone (even though I won't be here that long!). I have time to sing, to write, to exercise and to cook too (cooking is like my alternative therapy to

So this was recorded on Friday night in my new pad, had a nice evening of drinking red wine, eating chillies and recording this favourite Leonard Cohen track.