Thursday, April 30, 2015

Her - Quite Like (Free Download!)

I found this song online last week and posted it on Facebook/Twitter - it's my favourite song of the last month!  And now it's been changed to free download!! Probably only for a temporary time, so go visit and download it whilst the offer is on ;-)

I can't find much out about Her on the interwebz, so I can't post much else, other the link to the Soundcloud account (below) and also the Facebook fan page:


Gig Preview - 20th May: Norell & The Dub Factory + On a Bed Made of Money + Brightlight City + El Deyma + Dead Pedestrians

Norell & The Dub Factory, a dub reggae band from London that I discovered just recently are playing at Curiosity Shop soon - which is at Roadtrip & The Workshop, where I played a few weeks ago.  Really nice underground venue in the heart of Hoxton!

The gig is on Wednesday 20th May and you can join the Facebook Event here:

Here's a 15 track playlist of all the bands playing on the night that you can listen to whilst reading a little about the bands.

Norell & The Dub Factory

Norell & The Dub Factory

"An unusual mix of Dub/Reggae tracks with Rock-Pop vocals create Norell & The Dub Factory’s unique sound for all to enjoy.

When people think about Italian music, most people will think of the late Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Boccelli amongst many other amazing opera singers. Norell & The Dub Factory are an Italian Band here to prove that Italians can rock! Singer, Norell and bass player, Niko set up Norell & The Dub Factory in September 2014 in order to divert from mainstream Italian pop and instead create an original Anglophone project. Niko, a very experienced writer, was able to introduce Norell to Reggae music and she fell in love straight away. Niko's rhythms and nuances are soft and 'dub', making every song unique but also commercially viable and easy to listen to. The name of the band gives an insight into Niko’s method of songwriting - relentless, passionate and technically precise. The first single to be released was “Shake Your Body”. Both their first single and their ep are available on iTunes, and several other online outlets."

See their official website here: or visit their page on Amazon to download their latest EP.

On A Bed Made Of Money

On A Bed Made Of Money

"A mix of popular and alternative with a strong feel for melodies and grooves.

A mix of popular and alternative with a strong feel for melodies and grooves, OABMOM will undoubtedly be appreciated by lovers of bands like the Mars Volta, System of a Down and Radiohead to name a few."

To listen to more tunes like this, visit their Soundcloud page:

Brightlight City

"Slice up some British punk, add a teaspoon of the Seattle sound, a dash of pop melodies and a few scoops of tasty rock riffs seasoned with hardcore and you have BRIGHTLIGHT CITY.

A rock band made up of long term friendship and brotherhood, brought together by their shared love of bands such as Hundred Reasons, Million Dead, Foals, Yourcodenameis:milo, At the Drive-In, Refused, Hell Is for Heroes, Thrice, Biffy Clyro and Jimmy Eat World.

The Surrey five piece started 2014 by releasing 3 songs coupled with mini tours encompassing the UK which they steadily built on their existing fan base. Soon after they headed back into the studio to record their debut EP, ‘Breaking Straight Lines’ with producer Jason Wilson (You Me At Six, Fightstar, We Are The Ocean, Reuben).

The band's aim was to capture the energy and intensity that is present in their live shows, by building on their melodic pop hooks, dovetailing guitar riffs into sweet grooves and setting it to a pulse pounding rhythm section. As Jamie Giarraputo (vocalist & lyricist) states, “We wanted to capture the enthusiasm and positivity that is the essence of the band, but also not shy away from writing a set of anthemic rock pop songs.”

Check out their official website here:  Their new release 'Adventures' will be available from 15th May onwards via iTunes.

El Deyma

"All three members of this London based rock band have an international background. Flo has lived in Paris, New York and Prague and has played with some amazing artists such as Dan Daecon, Mick Quinn (Supergrass) and Turner Harrison (TiNG). Giulio comes from Treviso, Italy, and has toured in China, Bosnia and Austria as a guitarist with Giorgio Barbarotta Finally, Dan built his own drum-kit at the age of seven and went on to become a professional drummer. He recently recorded with The Afterwards at Abbey Road Studios with the collaboration of Bill Bayley.

Before moving to the UK, El Deyma’s first single, UFO, was selected to appear on the “Le Son du Transilien” disc (100.000 copies). They were elected best band at the Bus Palladium in Paris in 2012. Since their UK adventure started, they have played several festivals: ROX Music Festival, Forever Sun Festival, Brentwood Festival, London’s Brixton Splash, Suoni Di Marca (Italy) and some famous London venues, such as Proud Camden, Vibe Bar, The Church, Lock17, Camden Rock, Paradise…

After releasing “Bad Kiddo” with Matchbox Recordings and HisStory Records, they worked with international class members of the National Conservatory of Paris for their new single “Exclusive Try”, which was released in October 2014."

Check out their official website here: (inc. a link to their new single available in iTunes).

Dead Pedestrians

Rock band from Brockley in London with Henry Roe (Drums), Pawel Adamek (Bass), Matt Harper (Guitar/Vocals).

Check out their Facebook Fan page here:

All band info and photos from band websites/Facebook pages.

Beatm4n Remix Collaboration! Single release brewing... "Spirit Like You"

When I first started my hand at producing electronic music, it was back in 2009 when I'd just moved to Ireland.  I'd bought an iMac and Ableton 8 Suite.  And when I wasn't playing with the camera that turns your face into weird shapes, I remember a few weekends that I spent from dawn until dusk sat in front of the computer all day drinking coffee and recording/mixing!

Back then I didn't know much about mixing - I was just trying 'make things sound nice' - but I guess thats what it comes down to in the end... lol One of the tracks I made those days was called 'Spirit Like You'.  I'm a little embarrassed when I listen to it now - but we've all got to start somewhere :D

Then when I was at music school last year, I met BeatM4n and he heard the song and instantly asked to remix it.  How could I possibly refuse?? ;-)  So now his remix is finished, sounding awesome and very 2015 and we're planning the single release!

As soon as there is news on the BeatM4n collaboration, I'll be posting it up here!

In the meantime, here's my original 2009 version of "Spirit Like You".

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remix my song 'Purple Steeple' - for EP release later this year

One of the releases thats coming up for me this year is a remix EP of my track 'Purple Steeple' - which is going to be released via Groove Democracy Records.

Soo.. A shout out to producers/remixers/DJ's - there's still space on the EP for more remixes!

If you'd like to remix 'Purple Steeple' yourself, with a chance of it being included on the EP, send me an email to

Listen to the demo version below:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Purple Steeple - Remix EP to be released via Groove Democracy Records

As you might know, I'm recording a bunch of songs at the moment ready for my first ever official release later in the year.  In addition to this though, I have some excellent news to share - I'm going to be releasing a remix EP of my song Purple Steeple via Groove Democracy records.  There'll be the original version plus a whole bunch of remixes by producers and friends that I've worked with in the past.

You can take a listen to some of the other releases available on Groove Democracy here:

Demo version of Purple Steeple:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Deadmau5 - Some Chords [Dillon Francis Vs. Beatm4n Remix] - Free Download

One of the musicians I've been lucky to work with in London is Italian producer BeatM4n.  We collaborated on a new track of his last year and he's also done a couple of remixes for me too; one of them was a remix of a Bilamie song (Dead & Walking) which is on its way to being released soon and the other is an old song of mine called 'Spirit Like You'.

For now though, here's one of his remixes that is available for free download.

If you like what you hear, you can hire his Production/Mixing/Mastering skills by emailing him for a quote:

Over and out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

London Indie/Dance act: Kentish Fire - 'In Our Band' (Free download & Music Video)

Last week I spent some time remixing a track by London electronic/indie band Kentish Fire.  It's not available to listen yet as I've only just sent it to the band, but I wanted to post the original up here.

As soon as I heard the track, I wanted to remix it.  The vocals are what stood out most for me - great delivery by the lead singers - and clever lyrics too.  The story behind the song is talking about (either fact or fiction) that they used to be a cover band and in the third verse they use a whole bunch of song titles to complete the story of moving from covers band to an 'original music' band.  Love this idea.

We weren't there in the summer of '69
But we were living on a prayer, we were born to be wild
We would smell like teen spirit, we would drink red, red wine
We were wearing baggy trousers, we would stop...Anna time
On the stairway to heaven we would get our teenage kicks
We would rock an Abba medley and a Grease megamix
When we went under the bridge, we would do the Louis Louis
When we rode with Mustang Sally we would lick her tutti frutti
But these blue suede shoes gave us the summertime blues
We weren't the sultans of swing, we were just daytrippin'
We would get no satisfaction when we played My Generation
We were losing our religion, we had growing superstition
Never Johnny B. Goode, this was bad to the bone
So we just said  'Screw it all!
Show us the way to go home!' 

This song has that extra bit of sparkle that you're always hoping to hear when looking for new up and coming bands. And by that point, I hadn't even seen the video - it fits the song perfectly.

If you want to download 'In Our Band' for free, click on the Bandcamp link below.  I've also listed a few of their other websites as well...

Official Website:

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bilamie - Dead & Walking (WS Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD!

From a project that started in 2013 and ended in January this year, the album of my electro/alt pop duo BILAMIE is almost upon us.

Whilst we're preparing the uploads and final details, here's a previously unreleased Bilamie song, remixed by myself.

The original version of Dead & Walking will be on the album - it was going to be our first single and we'd already got an *amazing* remix by the uber talented producer BeatM4n - I'll be posting this one up shortly after the album release.  Another remix for the single was the one below that I made late last year.

It's free download as well!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Priveyt - PL&PT (full album stream and download)

Here's the new album by my mate and hip hop artist from Madrid Priveyt! Recorded between 2009 and 2014 and featuring a whole bunch of interesting collaborations and producers.

You can download the individual tracks here:
Priveyt - PL&PT - Parties, lovers and political troubles

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

EP News: New Collaboration with Of Embla

I've gone a little bit quiet on the live scene at the moment. 2 reasons for this: first of all, I'm dedicating some time to finishing off my EP and secondly I'm saving some money.  I took a good break from work for the last 9 months (I work as an SAP Consultant) but once the EP is complete I'll be heading back to save up some pennies again ready for the next musical excursion.

More news on the EP though, as you know already I'm collaborating with Priveyt for at least one of the songs - he also has a new album out this week, I'll be posting an embedded link to this tomorrow.

And a new addition to the EP is a song I'll be working on with the Norwegian jazz/folk artist Of Embla.  The song is more similar to vein of my track 'Purple Steeple' with a dark Trip-Hop/World influence.

Of Embla

In the meantime, here's my favourite song by Of Embla. Get ready for jazzy, sensual gorgeousness.