Friday, January 22, 2016

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Debut Single - OUT TODAY!

One of my favourite quotes is "Life is about creating yourself".  A friend bought me a mug with this quote on it about 10 years ago and I still think of it to this day because it's sooo relevant.  Every day we have the chance to create ourselves and to write the next lines in our stories.  Sometimes we forget this; we forget how much control we have over our own lives.

So, my creation that I'm sending out into the world today is my debut solo single "Ranch House On A Hill".

I'm not under any illusions; I don't expect this single to be a famous song or for it to sell many copies.  I know in the way we come to talk about music, it is not a big thing.  But for me, today is MASSIVE!

It's a moment I've been working towards for most of my life; the day when my musical journey isn't just inside my head, my lyrics folders and my laptop, but the day I finally release a piece of music, to a professional standard thats out there in the world and set free!  And the most exciting part of that; is it's the very beginning of my journey.  So now, I start to live the 'Life Is About Creating Yourself' on a whole new level which has never been relevant to me as it is now.

And it's all happened quite suddenly in the end as I had a new years resolution planned that said 'MAKE SHIT HAPPEN'.  So despite having various tracks finished and ready to release for a over a year, over Christmas I picked up an old song (literally taken from my old folder of guitar lyrics) changed the style completely, had it mastered and sent to the distributors within a week - and now it's out!

After the plans I had to release an EP and certain singles, I just really liked the outcome of this song and it felt right to say...ok lets GO!

You can buy it on Amazon for UK, US, Spain, Germany and France (and more - check your country's Amazon) and you can also buy it on Bandcamp.  iTunes and other distributors will be added to this list going forward...

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