Saturday, April 29, 2017

GIG: Hillfield Park Street Party - TOMORROW!

I've got a last minute gig this Sunday in Muswell Hill at Hillfield Park Street Party.

I will be playing songs from Today Is All, maybe a cover or 2 and will be playing for the first time live, some songs from the forthcoming album.

It's all free and the music is from 5 until 7pm.  I will be playing around 6pm.

A picture of Hillfield Street Party from a previous year...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Album in Progress

So far this year I've been mostly working in BonaFideStudio, running my own sessions recording Hip Hop artists, acoustic singer/songwriters, hosting karaoke parties etc.. And I've been writing and recording for the new album! Or I should say, my FIRST full length album...

Like the previous releases there's going to be an international vibe to it with some special guest rappers in Spanish and Italian, there's going to be some old school style Trip Hop, some early Patrick Wolf-esque pop (or so I've been told!) and other musical surprises...

I've been doing a bit of side work singing vocals for people, doing some voiceovers, and other odd jobs such as doing some on location recording too - all in the good name of trying to support myself financially more from the creative side!

I took part in February Album Writing Month this year and for the first time ever, I completed it! I wrote 14 songs in 28 days! Although, I finished off about 5/6 songs on the last day so it was very rushed in the end... Having a week's long birthday celebration in the same month didn't really help with the productivity there haha