Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Woke Up Heavy (Lyrics and Video link)

Link to YouTube Video:

I watched the sunset today
Over the urban sea of life of grey
But it stands pretty
In it's own way

I wanted to be on my favourite cliff top
To be out of my suit
And out of my socks
But I was 400 miles away

It shone from the sky
It reflected on the road
It was the topic of conversation
For every speaking soul

But I Woke Up Heavy...
I Woke Up Heavy...

Have you ever tried to clench your fists
After just waking up? You can't do it
Just as you're rising
You're at one with the world

A peaceful serenity you can't reproduce
At any other time, for any other use
It serves a purpose
So keep it in mind

I got home
But I didn't have my tea
And now I'm in my room
Looking forward to my dreams

I Woke Up Heavy...
I Woke Up Heavy...
I Woke Up Heavy...
I Woke Up Heavy...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Spirit Like You (Lyrics)

Download MP3: Web Sheldon - Spirit Like You

They say you'll lose
Because you sinned
But sins are just
Strings 'round your mind
They can all be undone

There's many times
You sat and sighed
And couldn't see
How a step could be taken
If there's nowhere to go

There's many doubts
Need letting out
It's amazing how free you feel
Once you deal yourself
A good hand

You watch them trace
Lines on your face
But you miss it when
They're wishing for a
Spirit of life just like you

Mistakes will happen to you
You're only human so
Don't cut yourself up, don't get down
Regrets are only regrets
If you don't learn from them
You know you can turn it around

Friday, November 27, 2009

Theories From Von Krahl (Lyrics)

This is actually about the same guy as Good Friends is about and some of the lyrics were written back in 2001.

Download MP3: Web Sheldon - Theories from Von Krahl

Oh, so it's true
You've kissed somebody else now, haven't you!
And don't I feel a fool, pushed you away
Talked me down to your friends
What do they say?
But then again, I promised I wouldn't dig
But I'm having a hard time
Me and my stiff upper lip
Are going away for some time

So what if maybe Peeash is the one?
Cos you deserve now, no more hurt now
Bad times should be gone
His running around and kissing girls you could never understand
And that one night apart when he couldn't keep it in his pants

I enjoy being there for you
That I'm a someone that you can talk to
That we're still considered friends
After all we've been through, I'm glad I have you
But he's just a concept to me
He's only a story, it isn't real
If I saw him, how would I feel?
You and your new 'see how it goes' deal

Everybody makes mistakes, hoping this isn't yours
Cos you deserve now, no more blame now
You were not the cause
He always acted like he'd got something to hide
He always pushed you as far as he could
Till you stepped to one side

Are you learning from the past
Or letting it ruin your last chance?
Are you applying Theories from Von Krahl
Or simply learning how to fall?

Hope you appreciate
I left you to your man
Because I understand
And all I ever really wanted

Was your happiness
I had the things he lacked
But I couldn't give you that
That's why I left you

On the way home I collapsed
You'd taken all my strength
But added another complex
And add another to the

'It wasn't meant to be' list
But you were more to me
So that's my good deed
And I don't care about the karma

Monday, November 16, 2009

Song Collections

There's so much planned in December that I'm starting to think like it's the end of the year now because if I don't, December will sudddenly be gone and I won't have done all my usual end of year things like making compilations of my favourite songs of the year and Top 10 albums etc...

So I was thinking in relation to Web Sheldon, this has been one of the best years of my life for my own music... And thats kind of a weird thing to say because I haven't played ANY gigs (apart from playing for friends :-) ) and I've only written a few new songs but this year I have recorded about 10 songs... And making a record of those songs has really made me feel like I have something down in concrete and will set the scene for next year...

If you know me, you'll probably know that I hate to limit myself too much and I've found it very difficult trying to confine myself to write or record a certain type of song so they all fit on one EP and sound coherant... So instead I've split the different types of music I'm recording into different parts...

There's a collection called "Eight English Months" which are acoustic guitar based, mostly quite old songs that I am recording only now...

There's "5 Minutes" which is a collection of cover songs...

There's "No Soul I Know Could Live Without Love" which willl be a collection of Piano based songs...

Then there's a couple of songs I've recorded that are more upbeat but I haven't got a name for this yet... but this is my main and most exciting project...

So I'll just keep adding song to these as and when they are recorded and see how it goes...

I'm hopefully buying an iMac soon so it will be v nice to work with a something faster than a snail too... I do expect a lot from my poor lappy though and he does very well considering *hugs to lappy*

Monday, August 3, 2009

Painkiller (Lyrics)


I don't know how
I daren't think how
But something in between us
Seems wrong about now

I watch them play
Watch them celebrate
I know that you should be here
But you passed on that date

You haven't said "Hi"
You didn't say "Goodnight"
I think there's part of me missing
In another lonlely night

Oh look, "Kiss! Kiss!"
Don't remind me of this!
I took you off my desktop
To painkill this illness

(note - this is like a 'Part II" version of 9th May 1998)

9th May 1998 (Lyrics)

This is kind of a silly song... it was written on a very obvious date...

Download MP3: Web Sheldon - 9th May 1998

9th May 1998

9th of May 1998
And your cruel words have reached my ears again
So I'll choose my murder weapon
And I'll slowly count to 10

I love you (not), this room's so hot
I can't decide, the course if action I will take
So I'll get right in my kitchen
And bake you a poisonous raspberry cake

This pressure's pounding me into the swampy ground
I feel like there is no escape
So come around here with that sweet sweet neck
I'll string you up with sellotape

9th of May 1998
And I feel like I've been wronged by you
And why do I care so much
Cos I know that this is nothing new

Hmmm so I guess I shouldn't name names on here... But I was convinced I was in love with this guy for, well, I remember at the time I counted 30 months altogether... Ah the joys of being a teenager in love... Obviously there's a book load of other songs and history to it. I remember at the time, I hadn't told anyone I was gay so I used to refer to this guy in my diary as Lysida (each letter stood for something but that would give it away and I'm being discrete here...!)

A few years later, I was in a relationship and I had a similar feeling to above, so I re-wrote it with a slightly different melody and different lyrics... the new version is really sad though when I think back - it was called Painkiller... I should deffo record that actually!

Ableton has a Strop

Something went wrong with Ableton Live this weekend... (that's the programme I use to record...) Like any issue revolving around computers, it wasn't solved quickly... and there may have been a few choice words said in the process... The issue was that Abelton wasn't recognising my external sound card so after much fiddling around and searching internet forums, un-installs, re-installs, I finally got it working. But by that point, I certainly wasn't feeling creative anymore - I felt like I'd just got back from work!

That's the thing with recording on computers, the're amazing what they can do, but they can completely kill the creative mood if something goes wrong with them... It's not like simply pressing play on an 8 track... But having used both, I'd use a computer every time! I love the way you can play around with stuff, manipulate it, add effects, sample's amazing...

On Sunday I recorded an old song called "9th May 1998", I wrote it on that date too (all those years ago lol) It's only a short one and it's a bit silly - it's talking about a guy I like and how he's fucking me around, so I'm imagining all the different ways I could kill him...


It feels good to be recording. Re-living old experiences and songs, and writing new songs again...

I hope I never lose inspiration to write, it's weird cos it really helps me deal with stuff. And when I feel down about something, I can look back to old songs and think "Hmmm this current situation looks awfully similar to what happened in the past, and I'm still alive!!" I guess it's like when you tell someone a problem and they say they've experienced sometihng similar too, it makes you feel better because you don't feel so alone or isolated. But when you're listening to a song yo've written and you're kinda telling yourself you've been through it before, it's like a way of saying "Yep! Been there, done that. You'll be fine. Keep smiling. You'll come out of the other side, just keep putting one foot in front of the other."

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Songs for Download

So, it was quite a productive weekend... In addition to finishing Theories from Von Krahl on Saturday, I also finished Spirit Like You on Sunday and I've uploaded them both to Last.FM for free download

I was trying to decide whether to wait and put all the songs up for the EP at the same time or just put them up as I record them and I figured I've been so long getting around to recording them, that I might as well just put them up as and when they're born!

Omg I'm so tired today though! I think I was all hyped up from finishing the EP last night and I just laid in bed for 2 hours, waiting to fall asleep. Getting to sleep at night has never been my forte. Sleeping in the afternoon however or with my head against a speaker in Popstarz, now that's a diffferent matter entirely.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

First song for EP finished!


I finished the first song for the EP today - "Theories from Von Krahl". I'm so pleased! I started writing recording it back in March and hadn't done anything else to it until today where I thought "Right! I'm going to finish it off!" (I didn't really believe myself though!) But 8 hours, 1 shower, 4 pizza slices and 1 giant coffee mug later, it's done!

I feel like I'm on a roll now and I should be finishing off another...but not sure that's a good idea at this time in the evening... perhaps I should watch a film instead!

I already have a few acoustic songs recorded - I did a demo of 4 songs back in 2005 and then I'm putting together an acoustic album of some of my old songs and then I'm doing a covers EP as well. I'm going to put all the lyrics up here (apart from the covers!) with a brief explanation of what the songs about. The key word there is 'brief' and perhaps we shall add 'vague' too. I don't want any ex-boyfriends chasing me with sledge hammers...

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Post

Hi! I’m Web Sheldon!

I could say I’m a singer-songwriter but that would get me pigeon holed straight away so I’ll just say that I’m a singer, I write songs and I play music. I’m not claiming to be special or different from anyone else, but I would like to think I am not limited by genre. I can honestly say I like any kind of music from Bjork, to NWA, to Chopin, Metallica, Billie Holiday, ABBA, Loretta Lynn, Digitalism, Elis Regina… and I’d like to think that to some degree, that eclecticism is reflected in my own music,

My songs are like journals – whenever I feel a strongly about something, I’ll write some words down. Sometimes those words turn into songs, and sometimes they’re never more than just a few thoughts jotted on a bit of paper.

I’ve been playing solo as long as I can remember and I’ve been in a few bands along the way too; Shale (during College), Beyond Obsession (during University), Mothership, and Bilamie (whenever we’re in the same city!)

I’m originally from the UK but I’m living in Ireland at the moment in a small town – despite being a city boy at heart, I’m loving the serenity and it’s giving me a bit of time to reflect and write from the heart again. I’m pretty health conscious – I go jogging and to the gym on weekdays and I keep a food journal (this stops me eating Pizza every night!) So, what else? I work in studied Communications at Uni, I work in IT, I like red wine, going to music festivals, I think we can learn a hell of a lot from different cultures if we just take the time, I like looking at people’s handwriting, smelling electrical equipment and cooking.

I’ve kept personal blogs in the past but I intend for this to be just relating to my music. I’m going to post lyrics on here and maybe use it as a kind of news / general info kinda website. I guess it’s more of a personal space for me and for anyone that like my music and wants to read more about the songs.

So Hi!

...and thanks for dropping by.