Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Playlist - February '15 (Electronic / Hip Hop)

Here's some of my favourite tracks from the last few weeks!

Click Play below and listen to the music whilst reading a little about the artists.

1. Clarence Clarity - Meadow Hopping, Traffic Stopping, Death Splash
London electronic musician.  This is a brilliant song - it's reminds me a little bit of Gorillaz but for 2015.
"a charming churn of psychedelics and sputtering electronic beats" (Stereogum)

Clarence Clarity

2. Rangleklods - Lost U
Danish electro-pop duo.  I'm mentioning mainly London artists here but this track is one of the exceptions because its too catchy.
"a bubbling dream-dance cut, encrusted with monolithic percussion and house hooks" (The Line Of Best Fit)

Rangleklods (

3. The Very Best - Hear Me (Feat. Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio)
An afro-western mix of dance, hip hop and pop.
A collaboration between London based DJ/production duo Radioclit and Esau Mwamwaya, a singer from Lilongwe, Malawi.
"a song about the corruption, poverty, struggle of Malawi, and how frustrated he [Esau] was about the fact that very little has changed since independence" (press release via Stereogum)

The Very Best (

4. TĀLĀ - Alchemy
Underground Pop from London based Singer & Producer.
"Her hazy voice soars over the sparkling, skittering production that meld together to reach mesmerizing peaks. It’s a delicious morsel of the producer/singer’s incredible talent." (Pigeons and Planes)


5. Eyeshadows - Jump
Chilled Electro from this London duo.
"I am happy to report that it is damn perfect in every regard and even though we have a long year ahead of us – I am slating the yet to be unnamed EP as one of the top of 2015." (I Vacation In Your Hell)

Eyeshadows (

6. Leks Rivers - When I'm High
Hip Hop from 20 year old London Singer & Producer.
"Unlike so many other new singers who meander around in this alt-R&B zone of cool production and lackluster songwriting, Leks brings a powerful spirit driven by big hooks, strong melodies, and no regard for the trend-following bullshit." (Pigeons and Planes)

Leks Rivers

7. Sme Blqck Kid - Fade Away
Hip hop artist from London. I was meant to play a gig with this guy a few weeks ago but we didn't get the chance unfortunately.  Make sure you listen to the lyrics on this track!

Sme Blqck Kid

8. Priveyt - What Goes Around
Bolivian reggae/urban artist based in London rapping about society, philosophy and the economy.
Love the late night vibe in this track! Also check out the video for his track Partytime here:

Priveyt (

9. sHef X Hipnotic Jazz X M.O.N.G.R.E.L. X Matthew Watson X Precinct Phantom - The Cypher [Alt version]
A collaboration by sHef, Hipnotic Jazz, M.O.N.G.R.E.L, Matthew Watson and Precinct Phantom. I know this track from Hipnotic Jazz's album Freedom To Fail - a leftfield blend of hip hop, jazz, soul and funk. Also check out his experimental electronic alias Hipnotech.

10. Kweku Collins - Lonely Lullabies
Chilled hip hop from Evanston (IL, United States) artist Kweku Collins (Kway Koo).
"Kweku Collins peaked out from behind the Internet’s infinite curtain towards the end of 2014 as a promising talent, a capable rapper and singer with a style that charmed, adolescent honesty delivered with vibrant sing-song rapping." (Pigeons and Planes)

Kweku Collins (

11. Marvel Alexander - Better Days
Hip hop artist from New Jersey.
"will likely go down as one of the best things you hear in 2015" (Hard In The Paint)

Marvel Alexander (

12. Flako - Kuku
A slight change of tempo for the last track...
Downtempo/Balearic artist based in London.
"The production is dense, with all manner of synth squelches resounding from the speakers. The percussion retains that latin American kick, except this is viewed from a hyper-modern vantage point." (Clash)
EP on Bandcamp:

Flako (

Hope you enjoyed the Playlist as much as I did ;-)

I also make music myself, you can take a listen here:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Gig Preview: Empathy Test + Vivien Glass + DOLLS + Fauxplay @ The Islington, Fri 6th March.

I usually put together a quick post like this when I'm preparing for a gig I'm due to play...  I won't be playing this one, but I *will* be going to it because it's going to be a night of awesome electronic/synth music which I couldn't possibly miss.

Strangely enough, I'll be playing as part of another mainly electronic line up the following night, in the same venue with New Opera Hero, Crhøma and more:

Back to the gig on the 6th!

Click play below to listen to music from the bands playing on the night, whilst reading a little about each of them further down.

Tickets £5:

Empathy Test

"With an insistence on glorious hooks and instantly memorable vocal lines, Empathy Test are refreshingly unafraid to be pop music. soaring synthetic chords, precision beats, and jubilant 80s melodies — all coated in soft, irresistible melancholy — the London-based duo takes inspiration as much from modern acts like CHVRCHES and Purity Ring, as it does from Vangelis and Depeche Mode. But, instead of sounding like a mere update of 80s’ electro, Empathy Test produce a mesmerizing and immersive identity which sets them apart from pretty much everything else currently on the scene."

"Since self-releasing their début EP “Losing Touch” in February, Empathy Test have picked up thousands of fans via sheer word-of-mouth and late-night tweets, and collaborated with Richard Swarbrick on numerous viral animation videos for ESPN and Liverpool FC. Empathy Test signed to Brooklyn’s Stars & Letters Records in the spring of 2014, with their follow-up EP “Throwing Stones” released in December 9th, 2014. Three singles from the EP have premièred on CLASH Music, KCRW and Idolator."

Click here to visit the official website.

Empathy Test

Vivien Glass

"Vivien Glass is an Indietronic three-piece band, merging the elegance of synth driven electro, with modern primal pop."

"Born in 2010, Vivien Glass marries the aggression of industrial music with the elegance of synth driven 80’s electro. Inspired by the dark sound of Depeche Mode and the lyrical musings of such artists as PJ Harvey and Kate Bush, the masculine and feminine intertwine to form a sound which is both haunting and driven."

“Vivien Glass- Stark synthscapes with gently gothique leanings and a cool ambient aura fronted by the lovely ice maiden Ms Glass…John Foxx meets Marilyn Manson via This Mortal Coil…” (BugBear Productions)

Official Website / Visit Amazon to buy their debut album Awake, My Sleeper

Vivien Glass


"DOLLS was born in mid-2009 as the more offensive byproduct of a commercial pop career gone AWOL. Drawing her influence from Joy Division, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode, DOLLS juxtaposes apocalyptic pop vocals with gritty lyricism, creating a uniquely dark synthpop signature.  Bored after penning and performing two mainstream hits for Warner Music (charting top 10/20 in national video/radio), DOLLS moved from Toronto, Canada to London, UK and relaunched her music career as an independent artist, releasing the self-produced SECRET SULK in January, 2013. DOLLS’ inimitable style has enchanted international artists of all descriptions (Salman Rushdie is a fan and Rough Trade‘s Carole Pope described SECRET SULK as “The Best Album Ever”) and she is, as ever, terribly sought after but difficult to pin down."

Click here to visit the official website.



"Fauxplay is producer and DJ, Doug McCourt. Doug started DJing and producing back in 1992, with seminal dance music producer Simon Noble (aka Rebound, Breeder & Maurice & Noble). Producing under many guises over the years, with releases as early as 1993 and support from the likes of Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1), Annie Mac (BBC Radio 1), Eddie Temple Morris (XFM), Sasha, Jon Digweed, James Sabiela and others, Doug has since gone on to produce tracks under the guise of Hassassins, Idiotek, Kenzo and Riot Radio (with Suicide Sports Club front man and DJ/Producer Luke Brancaccio), and his new project 'HAARP' (with producer and collaborator Paul Moloney).  Fauxplay has been holed up in the studio over the last couple of years producing a solo album project, and continues to release remixes and mashups for singers and DJs. Recently Fauxplay has teamed up with bitchpop queen 'Dolls' for a fusion of synth pop and electro beats - coming to a dance floor near you soon."

Click to visit the Fauxplay Soundcloud page and Facebook Fan page.


All quotes and info regarding the bands is taken from the band's Facebook Fan Pages.

Birthday Covers: Taylor Dayne

NEXT, in the series of Birthday Covers...

At my next gig on 7th March @ The Islington, it's Taylor Dayne's birthday and I'll be covering her first single from 1988, "Tell It To My Heart".  I remember I bought a double vinyl with this track on it when I was but a tiny childlike creature - it was called something like 'The Greatest Hits of 1988'.

I've no idea how popular this song is or how many people know it... but it got to number 3 in the UK and I've loved this for many years now so I can't wait to get composing a remix/cover for it.

Here's the track in its original synthy fantastically 80's glory (plus some very appropriate clothing, hairstyles and dance moves). Unfortunately I won't be covering these too haha

25th Feb UPDATE: So the song is ready now and it's going to be a mash up between me covering Taylor Dayne's 'Tell It To My Heart' with samples from Tori Amos' i i e e e and Missy Elliott's Get Ur Freak On.

Come down to the gig to hear it!

Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart

Tori Amos - i i e e e

Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On

Join the Facebook events here: (Web Sheldon) (Crhøma)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gig Preview: Tango Pirates + New Opera Hero + Crhøma + Web Sheldon + The Boom Dogs @ The Islington (Saturday 7th March 2015)

Click the play button and listen to the bands whilst reading a little about them too.
Facebook Event for The Islington on Saturday 7th March.

New Opera Hero

"Post electro-rock and driving electronica inside the head of a giant baby.

This five piece band from London has extraordinary ideas of what an audiovisual concert should be like.  N.O.H perform post electro/rock inside a virtual world of holographic projections and interactive technology. In their award-winning shows they take to the stage as brain cells inside the head of a giant baby as he tries to master his new life. N.O.H combine the energy of a live band with a continual narrative using animated characters, like a 2013 version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" meets Gorillaz."

Influences: Apparat, James Blake, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, yo yo ma, Crystal Castles, Sleighbells, Eric Satie, Nero, Amon Tobin, Moderat, Battles (see more)

Members: Steff Ungerer and Michael Wilson.

"New Opera Hero are a completely new vision for live bands” J.Lewis, Project Manager, Manchester Lowry Theatre.

New Opera Hero - Visit for original photo)

Web Sheldon

I play a mixture of electronic/trip hop/alternative pop armed with my voice, laptop and my guitar. 

I've been writing vocal/acoustic guitar songs for many years so my electronic songs are pretty vocal based but now they centre from hip hop beats and electro synthesisers.  I write mostly about my thoughts on modern life in London; consumerism, living (not just 'surviving') keeping a positive outlook (in what can be a pessimistic city) and through to anything from minority rights to religion.

Influences: Björk, Brodinski, Yoko Ono, Missy Elliott, Emilíana Torrini, Portishead, Sarah Vaughan.

Members: Web Sheldon (Vocal / Ableton Live / Guitar / Bongos)

Web Sheldon - Live @ Dublin Castle, 4th Feb 2015.


"A 5 piece alternative, electro, indie outfit hailing from London, CRHØMA creates a unique and intricate sound, that combines electronic and sample based instruments to produce a diverse, ambient, groove-based, energetic set of songs."

"CRHØMA are currently working on releasing their 1st double A-side single featuring 'Break Out' and 'Close Your Eyes' to be available on a variety of digital platforms.  Their first video for 'Close You Eyes' quickly hit over 1000 plays on YouTube and recently received its first TV broadcast on Sky MusicTV.

Along with some continues radio play on BBC London and Amazing Radio, CRHØMA are excited to play some new material at their upcoming shows.  Having already headlined iconic London venues such as The Garage and The Barfly, the band are looking forward to a busy few months."

Influences: ALT- J, Radiohead, Little Dragon, Cinematic Orchestra

Members: Biancajay Lewis, Kyriacos Michael, James Waldron, Tom Waldron, Leon Cave.

Crhøma (visit for original photo)

The Boom Dogs

"London's freshest funk rock band."

Influences: Funkadelic, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, James Brown, Jamiroquai.

Members: Poonhound69, J-Bronx Sampson, Blazehound and Slim-Dog.

The Boom Dogs (visit for original photo)

Tango Pirates

"Tango Pirates: A term invented by the New York establishment in the 1920s, for the early blues and jazz musicians, who were seen as a threat to the youth of the day, seducing them to the devil’s music, sex and drugs."

TANGO PIRATES formed in 2011 by Danny Fury (Rogue Male, Lords of the New Church, Kill City Dragons, Vain etc) and Vera Wild (Wild at Heart/ Jelly) and joined by Dave Tregunna (Sham 69/ The Wanderers/ Lords of the New Church/ Cherry Bombs etc) and Timo Kaltio (Arthur Cane, New York Dolls)/ Hanoi Rocks/ Peckham Cowboys etc).  Back on Track EP was recorded in 2011. The launch finally came in 2014 to widely critical acclaim. The band are currently in the studio recording material for their 2nd EP to be released later in 2014 followed by their debut album in 2015. early this year...there was a line up change, but all plans will still be carried out by the new crew now. 

Influences: Stiv Bators / Iggy Pop / early Stones / Alice Cooper / David Bowie / New York Dolls / Aerosmith

Members: Danny Fury (Vocals), Jack Flint (Guitars), Carl Donoghue (Drums), Cass Callaghan (Bass)

Tango Pirates (visit for original photo)

I wasn't able to find Tango Pirates on Soundcloud but you can watch their video 'Monsters In My DNA' below.

Gig Review: Cadence + Bad Names + Web Sheldon @ The Workshop, 18th Feb 2015

Cadence + Bad Names + Web Sheldon @ The Workshop.

Stage @ The Workshop (+ the very attractive and alluring guitar Dahlia. She is looking at you seductively. Yes.)

As my grandma would have said, I am 'in the wars' this week.  I had a 2 day hangover (my fault, I know!) and since I got over that, I've been on the sofa wrapped in blankets with a ManCold.  I'm using the term 'ManCold' without actually *really* knowing what it is though.  Is a ManCold inferior to regular human colds? Or are they equal? Hmmm.

I was worried how I was going to play the gig last night and was planning to sing the songs an octave lower or do it Phoebe from Friends sticky shooooes...why you stick on but thankfully my vocals chords had got their shiz together by yesterday afternoon.  I should have had an emergency Hot Toddy in a hip flask prepared for the occasion though...just in case.

Web Sheldon

There were 5 minutes to go and I was due to start playing at 8pm, and there was still only me, the bar man, and another guy sat at the bar..(hiii 'guy sat at the bar' if you're reading this and sorry I didn't talk to you... did you pick up a flyer I left near you? :-/ ) so yeah, I was starting to get worried! I had been stood outside the venue till the last few minutes before the gig having a rollie and trying to get a few people in. In the space of 5 minutes though, friends arrived, people started to come downstairs and I had a pretty decent audience to play to.

Correction - the audience last night were not decent, they were awesome! Chatting to me on stage (even if that did involve talks of sexual acts with my guitar Dahlia *and* a possible threesome with a mic stand.. lol), dancing and shouts of an encore! And in the last few lines of my Yoko Ono cover (in celebration of her 82nd birthday yesterday), there wasn't a sound in the bar other than my a capella. Big thank you to everyone for listening with such attention last night.  It was a gig to remember :)

Next gigs:

Ps. Click here to go and 'Like' my Facebook music page and be updated on all future gigs!

Web Sheldon @ Roadtrip & The Workshop. Weds 18th Feb 2015.

Bad Names

Bad Names are a 4 x piece rock'n roll band from London. First of all, I need to say that I think their song 'Mary' is pretty awesome. It reminds me a bit of early Radiohead (circa Pablo Honey) with the reverb of the lead guitar, and the playful weaving of melodies between the bass and vocal in the verses.  Before the chorus starts, the band stop and the vocal goes 'baby don't you worry cos...' and then the chorus kicks in with the full band and the lead vocal goes into his head voice to sing 'I couldn't leave you if I tried'.  The way its done, those elements make it sound sincere to me - and thats important for me in music; to have the link between the lyrics, the melody, the delivery and the band.  I want to hear that all the elements are working in unison - a song should be a single unit of delivery for me.  I think these guys are good at this; their individual parts work well together.  Great to see these guys on stage, the music works well recorded as it does live.

Next gigs:

Bad Names @ Roadtrip & The Workshop. Weds 18th Feb 2015.


Cadence were the headliners for the night; a 4 piece alternative rock band from Greenwich with influences such as Muse and Placebo.  I'd agree with the influences there but I'd also throw in Mew as well - there were some stacatto rhythms played by the guitars and bass with the vocal layering over the top that took me back to 'Frengers'.  My favourite song from the set was 'Sweet Asphyxiaton' - with an amusing introduction as different members of the band and the audience attempted to pronounce 'asphyxiation' - some more successfully than others.  There was a friendly and lighthearted atmosphere at this gig and I must give an honourable mention to Kuba's T-shirt with the words 'I'D RATHER BE AT A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT'.  I want one! haha

We had some nice harmonies going on in many of the songs (Rozâ is a classical singer) and you could tell Micah was really feeling the words as he was singing - this is a big plus for me, being a vocalist myself.  A nice touch in the middle of the set, was a quick 1 minute break to say thanks to the audience for coming, for the other bands playing and for the promoters for putting on the night. This is what playing unsigned gigs should be about; having fun, supporting each other, and trying to pronounce difficult words together when slightly tipsy. These guys had a lovely set of fans too!

Next Gigs:

Cadence @ Roadtrip & The Workshop. Weds 18th Feb 2015. (L to R: Kuba, Alessandro, Micah, Rozâ)

For more pictures from the night, head over to the album on my Facebook page.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gig Preview: Cadence + Bad Names + Web Sheldon @ The Workshop - Weds 18th Feb

Tomorrow night at The Workshop, free entry and a mixture of rock and electronic music courtesy of 3 acts!

Click play to listen to the Soundcloud playlist whilst reading a little about the bands below.


4 piece alternative rock band from Greenwich, drawing influences from bands such as Muse and Placebo.

Micah Rose-Trespeuch (voice, keys, guitar)
"Composer/writer/musician from south-east London.  Brought up in a French/English household that has a passion for music, love (and France!)."  Micah has indulged in playing classical piano from the young age of four and more recently in terms of composing, has moved the focus from piano to guitar, putting his music into a band setting.

Rozâ Kalnins (voice, bass)
"While Roza's initial launch into music was through the history of music through the 20th Century, her recent endeavours have taken her to Classical singing as well as rocking out on the bass - a combination that has resulted in Cadence having a slight Rasputina/Portishead feel to it. With her bass and voice she brings a female touch to the band that is felt despite her 5'3" in height..."

Alessandro Vitiello (drums)
"On drums, Alessandro "Alex" Vitiello has brought a new sound to Cadence with his love and pride of his wonderful drumkit "T-Rex". A wonderfully Neapolitan expat, this hot blooded Italian drummer is so full of fire he can still kick ass in rehearsals after a 12 hour shift and always has a hilarious wisecrack to boot."

Jakub "Kuba" Opitek (guitar)
A recent addition to Cadence and I haven't got any info to post here for Jakub which means you have to go and speak to him and say Hi on the night :D

Facebook / Soundcloud / Tumblr / Twitter / Songkick (get notified when they book a new gig!)

Jakub and Alessandro (Middle and Right)
Cadence - first photo shoot (right to left Rozâ, Micah, Alessandro)
Info and photo's taken from the Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

Bad Names

Bad Names have played a whole bunch of great London venues including Barfly and Underbelly Hoxton and last year had their track 'Sister Sister' featured on the Unsigned Guide monthly spotlight blog.

Official Website / Soundcloud / YouTube / Twitter

Bad Names - Photo from

Web Sheldon

I play a mixture of electronic/trip hop/alternative pop armed with my voice, laptop and my guitar.  She's called Dahlia...I can introduce you tomorrow..she's kind of aloof and mysterious though!

I've been writing vocal/acoustic guitar songs for many years so my electronic songs are pretty vocal based but now they centre from hip hop beats and electro synthesisers.  I write mostly about my thoughts on modern life in London; consumerism, living (not just 'surviving') keeping a positive outlook (in what can be a pessimistic city). and through to anything from minority rights to religion.

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Songkick (get notified when I book a new gig!)

Back to tomorrow... it's free entry, door open at 7pm! Get down before 8 if you don't want to miss any music!

The closest Underground stop to the venue is Old Street - see the map below.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Live Review - Nambucca Launch Night

Kazzey + Lewis Olden + Web Sheldon + BonesThe Librarians + The Carnations at Nambucca Launch Party, Sat 14th Feb 2015.

If there's one thing I *won't* be doing the night before a gig again, that is going out on a drinking session - of any size or variety. Although in fairness, the Friday night drinks were meant to be 'just one or two'.  Famous last words.  By the time Saturday night I arrived, I was still feeling pret-ty delicate.

Kazzey @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.
Luckily for me, we had a gentle start to the night with the soothing voice and free spirited indie pop of Kazzey.  His songs had catchy melodies, interesting chord structures and some memorable hooks too.  In particular I remember the song with the line 'so so so so so cute' because the chords in that part had me hooked, and then a song where he would stop playing and talk for a second - I like random stuff like this! He's recording his debut single at the moment and planning on a string of single releases going forward.  A website is on its way soon too, but in the mean time you can follow him on his Soundcloud and Twitter accounts.

Lewis Olden @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.
Lewis Olden was the next man up with his distinct swaggering singing style, stories about every day life and his quick paced acoustic accompaniment. I particularly enjoyed his song with the line 'freedom is never free'.  I'm trying to listen to his Soundcloud account at the moment to find the song name but the Starbucks internet is not being my friend.  You can check out all his songs online here though on his Soundcloud account or follow him on Twitter.

Web Sheldon @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.
Next up was me (Web Sheldon). I started off with a song from last autumn called P's & Q's - it's not a song that will be on my EP but it usually goes down well live and I thought this indie-side of my electro would fit in well for this night.  The rest of the set was all songs from the EP including the trip-hop/dub/turkish influenced 'Purple Steeple', about my love of life in the city.

If you liked my set, go and be a fan of my Facebook music page - and help me boost my likes to 1,000 before the end of the year! ;-)

Bones @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.
Bones @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.

I grew up on rock and female singers.  And even though I don't listen to quite so much rock nowadays, Bones completely blew me away.  For 3 people, the sound was massive, hard hitting, and the kind of stage presence where you stop 'watching' and find yourself just enjoying the experience with the band.  One thing I'd already noted during the gig was how together they sounded - in terms of the written parts they were playing and how they performed and bounced off one another. I found out afterwards it was the drummer's first gig with them.  I would have had no idea.  If you get chance to see them live, DOIT. Next London gig: Friday 20th February at The Monarch. They also have a couple of songs up on Soundcloud: Bones (UK).

The Librarians followed on from Bones.  I was listening to a Soundcloud playlist of the bands in the week leading up to the gig and one of their tracks 'The Ballad Of Carl' had been spinning around my head on repeat, so I was hoping that hearing it live might get it out of my head! Unfortunately not. lol I'm not complaining really though, I love that song!  It reminds me of the kind of vibe I felt when listening to The Libertines' first album, and the lead singer's voice (Thomas) fits well with this style.

The Librarians @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.

What I found interesting about their set was how percussive lead the music was - lots of drums driving the songs and being a prominent feature - I liked this element of The Librarians and it'll be interesting to see how it develops.

The Librarians @ Nambucca. Loving the smoke machine!

The headlining act was awesome London 4 piece band The Carnations.  The floor filled up quickly as these guys took to the stage.  For anyone who likes some good old fashioned rock 'n roll, you can't go wrong here.  Their music has got a very 60's vibe to it; they know what they're doing and they do it well. The crowd were loving it too; jumping, dancing and happily posing for drunken shots for the photographer.  Have a listen to their Soundcloud page here, close your eyes, and imagine you're listening to the radio in 1969 ;-) Next gig: The Dublin Castle on 21st February.

The Carnations @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.

The Carnations (through dancing arms!) @ Nambucca. 14th Feb 2015.

That's all from me... my next gig is on Wednesday this week (18th Feb) at Roadtrip & The Workhouse in Hoxton.  I'm be continuing my 'Birthday Covers' thang by covering a Yoko Ono song for her 82nd birthday... See you there!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gig Booked: St. Paddy's Day Bash @ Fiddler's Elbow, Camden

Just booked a gig for St. Paddy's Day at Fiddler's Elbow! I wanted to find a picture of Athlone with some Paddy's day celebrations (I used to live there) to put on the FB event but couldn't find anything at the moment...maybe I have some on my computer home.

More bands to be announced soon!

Facebook Event
Fiddler's Elbow Website

I found out on the venue website that it used to be called Old Mother Shipton and was built back in 1845.

This Old Mother Shipton girl sounds pretty interesting (see link above) - said to be a fortune teller/prophetess and possibly foretold the Great Fire of London.

I love stories of mystical people, prophecies etc.

Visit my Facebook Fan page here, I’m trying to get 1,000 likes by the end of 2015 :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Song - Electric Shock

I'm writing songs for my debut EP at the moment and this was one from the last few weeks too. As it grew up though, it started to veer more towards the house side of electronic music... so I let it follow its path as it wished (cos songs have rights too you know) ...but now it doesn't match the sound for the EP, so I'm letting it out into world all by its lil self...

There'll be a few more random tracks like this released before the EP comes out too :)

I can see a power in you
I can see a life crushed by the outside
Ripping out your insides
I can feel a fire in you
You can feel it in yourself too      

New inception
Sparkle in the action
Electric shock inside
Prime connection
Deeper interaction

Simmering behind disguise

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gig & Music Preview: Nambucca Launch Party - Valentines Day

I'm playing a special event this Saturday to mark the launch of the live music venue Nambucca! It's gone through a massive refurbishment recently with a new stage and state of the art sound and lighting system.  It's free entry with bands all day and there's free drinks around too...

Click here to go to the Facebook Event Page

Get ready for the music on Saturday by listening to some of the bands playing here:

And here's a little more info about the bands (shamelessly copied from the FB event page.. thanks Zac lol)

"London-based quartet described as the "new Beatles" - in which case this must be the start of the "Thames sound". Like the Sixties never ended. Little Indie Blogs" Truly great band, their live set is a great experience.

As childhood friends returned from world travels and years partying at universities, The Librarians return with fresh vigour and new tales to tell. Heralding from a village where they roll cheese down a "hill", these boys will brighten up your earholes and certainly entertain you.

New band from London.

Electronic / Indie / Trip Hop artist and producer originally from Sheffield. Questioning the values of modern life; singing about everything from consumerism and religion through to casting a positive light on the default pessimism of city life.


South London four-piece fronted by Lewis Olden.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Next February Gigs!

I have 2 more scheduled gigs in February... I'll be posting a music preview soon for these gigs with Soundcloud playlists and/or music YouTube videos.

Saturday 14th February

Wednesday 18th February

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gig Review @ Dublin Castle: Desert Sound Colony + Harripaul + Web Sheldon + The Takes + Grace Solero (4th Feb 2015)

I've been looking forward to playing The Dublin Castle ever since I moved to London - I always remembered seeing it on my visits to Camden and the name is pretty memorable too. I found out last night some of my early day heroes have played here too including Blur and Elastica.

Grace Solero & Web Sheldon @ The Dublin Castle, Camden. Weds 4th Feb 2015.
Grace Solero were the first band on last night - a London quartet playing dark rock with crunching guitars. I'll admit to being more a fan of female singers than male (well, thats the definitely the case according to my collection) and despite not listening to a lot of rock recently, a female lead singer in a rock band will always grab my attention.  Grace Solero were solid, passionate and had great stage presence; seeing Grace herself enjoy playing the show, it *almost* made me miss being a lead singer and not having to operate machinery or play instruments on stage, and just sing to heart's content.  I have to make an honourable mention to the awesome mic stand decorations (which I don't have a picture of *sob*) and sparkly silver electric guitar. You can buy their album 'Hundred Years Apart' here.

The Takes were up next! Their Facebook pages cites their influences as bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Vaccines and I'd say that was a pretty fair description.  I liked the lead singer's vocal style; half talking, half singing sometimes and I enjoyed the melodies the lead guitarist was playing at the same time as the singer - kind of weaving around the melody and fitted nicely with the vocal.

Web Sheldon @ The Dublin Castle, Weds 4th Feb 2015
Next up was MEEEE - Web Sheldon.  I played a new song called 'Flow of Old Man Fate' which I was still writing yesterday morning lol It's going on the EP too - it's got a mixture of atmospherics from ambient synths and dark bass at the beginning through to a hip hop style chorus.  I was trying out a new thing last night where I cover a song by an artist whose birthday it is on the day of the gig.  Bit random.  Yesterday was the first one and it was Natalie Imbruglia's birthday so I covered Torn - which was quite a favourite of mine back in the day!  I love saying 'back in the day', but I always have to follow it up by singing 'hip hop has chaaaaaaaanged'. Ps. Thanks to the dancing girls at the front btw! :D

Harripaul @ The Dublin Castle, Camden. Weds 4th Feb 2015.

Harripaul were next on the bill and deservedly caused a good stir in the audience with their mixture of rock, soul, reggae and flying drum sticks.  I'm totally sold on the reggae style songs with these guys and I'd be well up for a full album like that.  It's so easy to do mediocre reggae, but no chance with these guys, they nailed it.  They had a new sound but still had the familiarity you feel with old classics. Strong and soulful vocal from the lead singer too.

I can't get the Reverbnation widget to work without sending my page crazy but you can listen to a good selection of Harripaul songs and buy their music here.

DSC @ The Dublin Castle, Camden. Weds 4th Feb 2015.

Headliners of the night were DSC (Desert Sound Colony).  I spent a good part of the night hanging out with these guys after the sound check, including a short but very chilly walk to visit the ONLY place to buy Falafel in Camden (King of Falafel).  What a sound set of guys to spend the evening with though! Following many months of rehearsal, last night was their debut gig.  The songs, originally written without a band, have since evolved and re-evolved over time to result in a more live approach to their ambient, psychedelic soundscapes. It's nice to here something a bit different, like these guys are doing - the music reminds me a little of Atlas Sound but more accessible.  You can buy their latest EP here.

And as for me now, I am hungover.  My first hangover since early December.  The pints were ice chilled and definitely hit the spot last night but this is a good reminder of how refreshing Dry January was!