Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Story Behind IG-ID

IG-ID (meaning Instagram-Identity) came about because of my Web Sheldon Instagram account.

Last January, I had a plan to increase my audience to 10k Followers by the end of the year and I was trying to do it in a way that represented both my music and my personality/beliefs.

At one point, I was posting 6 pictures a day so it took up a lot of time to come up with the content to sustain that.

The posts ranged from taking pictures of my everyday life, song lyrics or music videos (usually my own), selfies, or reposts from other accounts which were usually funny memes, inspirational quotes or something supporting my political/spiritual beliefs.  I was searching for pictures to take/repost so often that it started to make me think about whether I was still being representative of who I *actually* was on my Instagram account or whether it was who I *wanted* to be.

When I listen to a musician, I want to feel like I really know and understand them – I want to feel that connection.  For that reason, it’s really important for me to stay authentic on my Instagram account.

We can’t feel 100% every day – that is a given.  Sometimes when I was feeling down, I would post some inspirational quote to try and elevate my mood (and hopefully encourage others feeling the same). This created a conflict and made me question if I was still being me... “losing fingerprints, erase/redefine, justify your spin on your sound life”. And for anyone else looking at my account – was it even helpful?  If they felt down, did seeing someone else post something inspirational make them feel better and give them hope or did it just make them feel worse because they could see everyone else posting super-positive messages when inside they still felt like shit.

This made me think of the idea for the song IG-ID of there being a kind of split personality between someone’s real self and their online self and to analyse what the gap was for me and my own social media accounts.

Take a listen to the song here:

IG-ID is released via Particle Zoo Recordings.

And if you'd like to buy or stream it further, you can go to Apple Music, Amazon, BeatportJuno DownloadTraxsource or Spotify.

Monday, February 26, 2018

IG-ID (New Single) OUT NOW!

This is my new single IG-ID, thanks to the amazing guys at Particle Zoo Recordings who are releasing it and for the label owner (Don Dayglow) and Balls Deep for their awesomely catchy remixes!

Press release:

"London's Web Sheldon draws influences from the fathers of smart pop with the debut single from his forthcoming album 'Fingerprints'. A bold blend of styles channels the myriad stylings of Bowie, Roxy Music, Bjork and Human League to create something new - a kind of Electro-Pop/Indie-Dance that could make a credible Top 40 entry or rip it up at a scuzzy basement party.
Composer, Producer, Poet and Vocalist, Web Sheldon gives more than a glimpse of his dextrous abilities.
On remix duty is label boss Don Dayglow, building on the original's Electro flavour, throwing in some Afro-Disco and amping up the groove to devastating effect, before new signing Balls Deep goes full on dancefloor with a stunning Deep House mix."

Take a listen to them ALL here:

And if you'd like to buy or stream it further, you can go to Apple Music, Amazon, Beatport, Juno DownloadTraxsource or Spotify.

Friday, February 9, 2018


Ok so it looks like I'm doing the Spotify properly thing now after 8 years of coming and going with it... I'm having a free trial month and I'm loving how easy it is to get into new music and re-discover old music. As a musician, I feel like a traitor to my family as I don't get paid anything for my music being played there (I'm not registered with PRS as it costs more per year than the money I would get back).

So I'll still be buying albums from my favourite artists and for smaller artists like myself I'll be buying through Bandcamp as usual, whenever I can.

It's difficult to know when to stop resisting changes like this; at the end of the day, I love getting into new music and I think it's a great tool for that. Also synching my iPhone is the most almighty drama which I need to leave at least an hour free for before a trip, or on a Sunday night before I go back to Barcelona - and I'm tired of it. This way I can continue listening to the same music on my way to the tube, as I was when I was in the house.

I'm a bit sad that this means my music collection is not going to expand quite so much now and my £10 a month goes into a black hole that I don't receive any ownership of any music for, but thats how it is for now.

The music industry is changing all the time at the moment, so we'll see whats next...