Monday, April 7, 2014

Start of the 4 Day Week

Today feels like a good day... I start my course at Point Blank Studios learning about mixing in Ableton and I'm taking every Monday off my job as an IT Consultant to do this course from now until I've worked my notice by the end of June.

It's going to be a busy (and awesome!) few months; also during this time we're recording and mixing for the Bilamie album, going to Glastonbury, moving to a temporary house (and I'm meant to be shedding a stone during this time as well hehe).

I've been trying to find tools to assist me in terms of planning, reminders, storing lyrics & notes etc. mainly to get the music side of my life more streamlined. There's many Apps and pieces of software out there. I'm using 3 different ones at the moment, the first being Evernote - this has been good for creating folders/files and sharing between people (view or edit), between devices (Mac/iPhone/iPad) and there's other sides to it such as storing audio notes too, so I think this will become more useful going forward. Also I got a free upgrade to the premium version because I have a contract with o2!

I've recently updated my settings on iCloud so my calendars sync between devices and you can have different calendars within the same space (Bilamie / Personal / Work etc) so I've been utilising that better.  The third helpful piece of software is a basic online project planner called so that is better for planning the progress of tasks over weeks/months and structuring it so you can see whether tasks are interdependent.

Time to go and prepare for class now.  I'm gonna be a STUDENT again...kind of.

Only less drunk this time...possibly.