Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Autumnal Update

So I've been a little quiet recently... I've been working full time on my IT Contracting, then taking a few months to go back into music full time and then going back to my IT work again.

At the moment, I'm preparing my debut solo single 'Today Is All' which will have remixes by futuristic beats artist Chic Futura, a broken beats remix by Hipnotic Jazz and an electro/pop remix by me.

So it's been taking a while to get everything together; but I'm almost there now.  Priveyt will be featuring with 2 x different raps - the remix I did got a little out of hand and we started writing new parts for it...so now it's almost a different song but with similar themes.

I also have 2 x completely different remixes of Today Is All that were earlier versions.  I'm wondering if many other artists do this; produce a song until it is almost complete and then randomly do a remix of it...and then later, even another remix.  I'm pretty sure they're getting more interesting each time though but more than anything, I think they just suit my mood at the time of writing.

On the weekdays, I'm living in a hotel in Newbury at the moment so the only time I get chance to record is at the weekend and I'm trying to finish my vocals off for my Today Is All remix.  But my weekends of recent times have been more like UHHHH-MOVING-HOUSE-OH-DEATH-OH-DOOM-OH-WHY-IS-THIS-HAPPENING-TO-ME-AGAIN type thing.  So the weekends have been a write-off.  So I packed up my mini suitcase and took my mic to the hotel with me last week with a plan to get the whole single finished off like a BOSS.  It didn't really work out though.  I'm sure I was only singing a normal level but I think I upset someone in the room below me as they were banging like crazy!  I swear they must have damaged the roof to make that kind of abusive noise.  Maybe they just loved my singing so much and the only way they knew to show appreciation was by destroying their ceiling.

That's what I'm going with.

So, this weekend.  Unpacking the last of the boxes.  And recording the last of the vocals for my single.