Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Release Date set for "Ranch House On A Hill" Friday 22nd January 2016

Great news today - my debut single "Ranch House On A Hill" is set for release on Friday 22nd January.

It's pretty chilled, with funky but laid back electronic beats.  It's been released before the other planned single "Today Is All" as there's a few things to sort out with that yet - so this is a one off independent release. I think it suits this time of year well though - it's got a good vibe for January.

It's a song I started writing in the mid-noughties and then picked up one night and finished it in 2010.  I'd completely forgotten about it until I was moving house and found an old song lyrics folder with all my guitar songs.  As soon as I heard the song again, in my head, I just had an idea for this trip hip / electro beat and went to work on it and within a couple of days I'd finished it.  There's no guitar in this though - it's pretty different from the original acoustic version.

The lyrics are a twisting story of lost love and there's 2 x references to Joni Mitchell songs within them.  One person plays the role of the 'Free Man In Paris'; the musician travelling the world, making his own rules and having many good and bad experiences on the way and the other plays the role of the character in her song 'The Hissing Of Summer Lawns'; a woman who has found a rich man and she has a beautiful house but she is locked away and she watches the people in the valley having parties whilst she sits alone on her expensive furniture.  The song is playing on those two characters from each song and taking the idea a bit further.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hipnotic Jazz X Web Sheldon - Unfollow The Leader

If we want to change our future, then we have to change our behaviours today; whether that be on a personal level or about how the country is run. So many decisions about how we live are taken away from us, it's hardly surprising that we feel we don't have the power to change our lives or our situations - and we have to remind ourselves that we do. Most of the time we are too tired from work to think about things that matter to us, our families or people less fortunate than ourselves or we just want to enjoy life in the little free time we do have. So we go out and party, drink, sit mindlessly in front of computer screens or televisions and we forget about our problems. Until the next piece is removed from us. And then we're angry again.

This is a new song I worked on with Hipnotic Jazz - it's on his new album "Infinitely Inconsistent"

Listen/Stream/Download the full Hipnotic Jazz album here: https://hipnoticjazz.bandcamp.com/album/infinitely-inconsistent


Regular play; dismissed and unequal
Minimum wage, they’ll raise it in the sequel
Enraged inside,     
When I think of our wasted lives

For a decent life, we gotta play by rules
Fill the deepest pockets; 
Obedient fools locked in X Generation cubicles
Wishin' away the hours, thinking its a cruel...

Way to spend our years
It’s a miracle we’re here
And the beauty of life we should stand for
Means nothing anymore

I remember a night, the side of Lake Geneva
No red wine, no smokes, no lines
No words I find, take me back in time
Meditating, clearing corners of my mind

As I grow in age, I’m linking bigger pictures
Old days seem like a parallel vision
I’m a different person, my worries got worse and
Lost but fighting and feeling the curse of

These monsters we created
Low esteem, money, impatience,
Breathing heavy, standing steady in line
These are temporary times

Recite the same lines?
Read the same papers?
Write the same history?
Repeat ideologies?
Unfollow The Leader

The sad thing is we don’t give a shit anymore
And thats perfect for them
They don’t want us to
They want us drunk, drugged and hooked on their fear

They want us too tired, too scared and too intoxicated to care

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Song Collaboration: Out Of Our Control


The new album from Hipnotic Jazz has been released and I was involved in a couple of tracks on there.

This is the first one; 'Out Of Our Control'

Vocals performed by Web Sheldon (chorus/song) x Pteradigm (verse/rap). Produced by Hipnotic Jazz x Sycho Gast. Mixed by Hipnotic Jazz. Mastered by Manics.

Extract from Infinitely Inconsistent by Hipnotic Jazz.


[Web Sheldon]
Once you’ve seen the cracks in their stories
There’s no turning back then
And you realise the divide is wider
Than you ever
Ever could have imagined, yeah

If you’re standing up, I’m coming along
If you agree, that makes two and we’re strong
They building walls, they get higher
They’ve wired the city
Out of our control

prophet of dichotomy composite
locked logic
televise the images condition
...passengers captured
massacre captured on amateur camera
no caption
reports are subtraction  
scattered redactions 
the vacuous animus clashes with savages
leave the compassionate vanishing
the matador renders the raw
the abattoirs filled with inanimate carrion
while scavengers travel in packs 
to examine the damage report to their managers
parameters hazardous malice
and avarice chancellors sip from the chalice
xanax and cannabis
coalesce so the hopeful can
vocally hold the rest accept the unchangeable
stand up and challenge oppressors repossess

[Web Sheldon]
We deserve to know the truth
This is our land too