Thursday, October 23, 2014

Photos from The Library Gig (22nd Oct)

Thanks to everyone who came down last night and who stayed until the end to see us.

Bilamie @ The Library

The first act on and the highlight of last night's gig for me was listening to the amazing voice of Lilac Sheer! And she was ill on the night so I can't imagine how great it must have sounded when she's on top form!

Lilac Sheer @ The Library

Here's a video from Lilac's YouTube channel - she reminds me a little of Ani DiFranco..

And more photos from the evening's event...

Matt Guy @ The Library

Mullaha @ The Library (not great lighting for pics though)

Josh Cotterill @ The Library

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Gig: The Seniors, Dronningen and Bilamie @ Underbelly Hoxton (Sat 13th Dec)

My band Bilamie has a gig booked on Saturday 13th December,  It was originally at The Water Rats near Kings Cross but has now been moved to Underbelly Hoxton!

Here's the Facebook Event!

And a preview of some music from the line-up.

The Seniors (official website)
Indie/Folk band creating musical vibes to touch the heart, the soul and the dancing feet!
I know we'll be dancing to these guys by the end of the night! Some beautiful tunes as well. Can't wait!

SoundCloud / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram

Electro-rock project based in London.
They sound lllllusherama! Electronic noises, synths, punky girl vox and rrrraw guitars! Just Bilamie's cup o' tea! And all their songs on SoundCloud are currently available for free download.

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

If you're reading this, you probably know my band Bilamie by now, but if not, we're an electronic duo with guitars, beats, byooootiful harmonies and slicing synths!

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Next Bilamie Gig - Weds 22nd Oct @ The Library, Islington

The next Bilamie gig is a week tomorrow!

Thanks to Up All Night Music for booking us.

We've never played at The Library before so we're looking forward to playing a new venue and meeting the other artists on the night.  Here's more details about the artists playing...

London electronic/alt pop duo

London electronic artist. Sounds pretty funky and awesome.
Check out their Soundcloud page link below or stream the latest tune.

Josh Cotterill
London Folk/Soul/Alternative Singer Songwriter.
Emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics - reminds me a bit of Ray Lamontagne.

Matt Guy
London Alt Country Singer/Songwriter.
Here's a video of Matt performing at Nestival in Deptford in August this year (unfortunately I can't get the video in imbed at the moment).

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bilamie Gigs

My band Bilamie have booked a few gigs for the coming months, here they are all in one tidy list :)

Bilamie Gigs

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Live Video: Nelue - Get Down (Feat. Web Sheldon)

Here's another video from the Nelue album launch in Madrid :)

This song is 'Get Down' and is one of the songs I collaborated with Nelue on for his album.  On the day of the gig, we decided to change the way we play this song - it totally worked the new way and I reckon we'll continue to play it like that at future gigs.