Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Single "London Love" - Out 6th July 2018!

The second single from Fingerprints "LONDON LOVE" will be released on 6th July!
It features a Drum & Bass style remix by Dave RMX.

Living in London can be tough. It’s expensive and it can be isolating.

This song is about my partner and I living that journey together, it’s about keeping focused on your dreams whilst trying to pay bills and commuting hours to work and back every day (or different countries in my case at the moment).

It’s about realising that life is never going to be easy; and for the sake of our own happiness there’s certain things we must accept so that we can stop wasting energy on worries and fighting against things we can’t change. And enjoy everything we have."



Available via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play from 6th July.