Tuesday, May 22, 2018

'All That Money Can't Buy' - behind the song...

"All That Money Can’t Buy" is having a dig at our overconsumption-obsessed society.  Going shopping for ‘retail therapy’ started out as a joke in movies and now it’s an actual thing.  Everywhere we look there is an advert for some new product you didn’t realise you wanted (and probably don’t need either) until the advert presses the right combination of buttons inside you to make you feel otherwise.

We spend money we haven’t yet earnt on credit cards to buy products that have been purposely designed to break after a short amount of time – so we have to go and buy a new one.  We buy products on offer for the thrill of the sale only to get home and abandon them as we didn’t really want them in the first place.  

And where do we get the money to sustain all this? We work and we work and we work.  After all that working, we are tired and sad and decide to treat ourselves by spending money on something.  And the cycle continues…

This track was featured on Particle Zoo's Compilation "Zoo Keeping 2" in September 2017 which featured all exlcusive tracks from up and coming electronic artists.

All That Money Can't Buy was written, performed, recorded and produced by Web Sheldon.  Mastered by Dave at Dragonfly Studios, Bristol.

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