Wednesday, May 30, 2018

La Isla Bonita (my cover of the classic Madonna song from Fingerprints)

I heard such a bizarre comment once and it’s never left my head.  I was playing a gig and casually chatting to a fellow musician who was also playing the same night and he said to me, “I don't need to cover other people’s songs, I write my own music”.  This sounded like a foreign language to me.  I LOVE covering other people’s songs.  To take something I already like, crafted by someone else and trying to make it my own.  Putting in your own emotion, your own story, your own twist into it.

I remember listening to La Isla Bonita when I was as young as 5 years old on the radio and thinking how different it sounded to the other songs I was used to hearing.  I loved the soft voices in the background, the Spanish sounding guitar and interesting rhythms.  I’ve tried take the idea of those elements I originally loved, and apply them in my own way with this cover; keeping an emphasis on the vocals and the rhythms too by adding a modern day Hispanic style reggaetón influenced beat.

La Isla Bonita was written by Madonna Ciccone, Bruce Gaitsch and Patrick Leonard.  Copywrite Wb Music Corp. O/B/O Edge Of Fluke Music, Wb Music Corp and EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

This version is performed, recorded and produced by Web Sheldon.  Mastered by Dave at Dragonfly Studios, Bristol.

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